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September 2, 2014
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Timelines and Process

Wilfrid Laurier University's website renewal process has two key phases. The first was a research/consultation phase to assess the web needs of the Laurier community; Laurier engaged consultants from mStoner Inc. for this. The second phase is the development of the new Laurier website, beginning early 2014. The timeline below outlines milestones for both phases.

Web Redevelopment Timelines*

Nov. 1, 2012

Phase 1 consultant mStoner Inc. to begin research.

Nov. 13-15, 2012

mStoner Inc. to visit Laurier to consult with representatives from specific faculties and departments, and to hold open sessions for members of the Laurier community. 

Nov. 13-30, 2012

Online forum available
to Laurier community to provide input at 

By Dec. 31, 2012

mStoner Inc. to submit preliminary Phase 1 strategy report for review by Laurier's Web Review Steering Committee. 

By Jan. 31, 2013

mStoner Inc. to submit final Phase 1 strategy report to Laurier's Web Review Steering Committee.

Summer-fall 2013

Develop and issue Request for Proposals
(RFP) to identify a suitable content management system (CMS) and web-services firm to create the new Laurier website. Laurier selected Hannon Hill's Cascade Server as the CMS of choice, and mStoner to design the website.

Winter-spring 2014

Web-development firm selected and a strategy phase of the website redevelopment begins. Components of this phase include planning the site’s navigation, marketing and communications strategy, and governance structure.

Winter-summer 2014

The creative phase of the website redevelopment takes place. Components of the creative phase include designing web page concepts and prototypes, creating a suite of web page templates, auditing the current website’s content and developing new content.

Summer-fall 2014

The implementation phase takes place. Components of this phase include building and implementing the design of the new CMS using Cascade Server, creating and uploading content, and usability testing.

*The above timeline is subject to change and may be revised as needed. Please check in from time to time for updates.