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December 20, 2014

Canadian Excellence

Pedagogical Speed Dating (20 minutes)

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

Less formal than other types of concurrent sessions, this format is ideal for either spreading the word quickly about new innovations in teaching and learning related to the conference theme or for seeking input from colleagues on new projects or inquiries.

This fast-paced roundtable format will take place in the dining hall during the extended lunch hour on Thursday, May 8th. A facilitator will keep time, signal each change, and keep the session going. Your table will be identified by numberon a poster which will be posted prominently in the room.

Within this timeslot, presenters are expected to facilitate their session three times in a row, allowing delegates to sit in on three different table discussions. Each table will accommodate 8 to 10 individuals. Given the shortness of time, resource handouts (as appropriate) are recommended. No audio-visual equipment will be provided.

The following sessions will be offered:

  • Are they Engaged? Insights Fromand About Student Surveys
  • Canada-Singapore Student Climate Literacy Initiative - Identifying Credible Information, Communicating Climate Literacy, and Collaborating to Better Address Global Climate Change
  • Community Service-Learning: Connecting Classrooms with Community
  • Course Redesign for the Active Learning Classroom: A Medieval Experiment
  • Designing Learning Experiences in the Global BusinessLaboratory
  • Exploring Effective Student Learning and Partner Relationships: Global Engagement in El Salvador
  • Engaging Students in a Comprehensive Course Evaluation
  • Faculty of Arts Academic Advising in Residence
  • Laurier Launchpad Program- A Model of Integrated and Engaged Learning
  • Tuckamore: Building an Interdisciplinary Network of Scholarship to Strengthen the Use of Simulation Resources across Newfoundland
  • Using Digital Narratives to Support Undergraduate Learning