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October 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Course Outlines

 Course outlines for Winter 2014:

 Course Code
 Section  Instructor  Title  Course Outline
HI 118
BR Joannette, N.
 N. American History from 1860

HI 118 BR
HI 201
Sager, J.
Modern Europe 1450-1789

HI 201 BR
HI 260
BR Joannette, N.
History on Film

HI 260 BR
HI 293
 Brookfield, T.
Canada Since Confederation

HI 293 BR
HI 344
BR Warrick, G.
 Native Peoples of East Canada

HI 344 BR
HI 356
Lei, C.
History of Modern Education

HI 356 BR
HI 480
Brookfield, T.
Rsch: Canada in the 20th Century

HI 480 BR

Course outlines for Fall 2013: 

Course Code Section Instructor Title Course Outline
HI 105  BR  O'Shea, C.  European Civilization from the Enlightenment to the Present  HI 105 BR 
HI 228  BR  Han, C. Survey of Modern Asian History  HI 228 BR
HI 292  BR  Nash-Chambers, D. History of Canada to Confederation  HI 292 BR 
HI 306  BR  Olivier, D. War and Society in Africa  HI 306 BR
HI 314  BR  Farrugia, P. 

Contemporary Europe 

HI 314 BR 
HI 338  BR  Nash-Chambers, D.

Canadian Labour History 

HI 338 BR 
HI 349 BR  Oliver, D. History of International Relations, 1890-1991  HI 349 BR
HI 360  BR  Farrugia, P.  The Great War and Its Aftermath, 1914-1921  HI 360 BR 
HI 371  BR  Jacklin, L. Slavery in the Americas, 1549-1888  HI 371 BR 
HI 373  BR  Han, C. Modern China since 1890  HI 373 BR
HI 430  BR  Brookfield, T.  Reading Seminar on Canada in the 20th Century  HI 430 BR 

Course outlines for Winter 2013:

Course Code




 Course Outline

 HI 117


 Joannette, N.

 Topics in North American History to the 1860s

HI 117 BR

HI 211 


Farrugia, P. 

German History, 1870-1990 

HI 211 BR

HI 218 


Davison, R. 

Modern British History 1714-1914 

HI 218 BR

HI 221 


Sager, J. 

France from the Wars of Religion to Napoleon 

HI 221 BR

HI 292 


Thomson, A. 

History of Canada to Confederation 

HI 292 BR

HI 306 


Olivier, D. 

War and Society in Africa 

HI 306 BR

HI 321 


Kristofferson, R. 

Social History of Pre-Industrial Canada 

HI 321 BR

HI 482 


Spurr, G. 

Research Seminar on British History 

HI 482 BR