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April 23, 2014
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French at Brantford

Where Should I Start?

When deciding on what language courses to register for, all students are expected to choose the course that best fits with their prior French experience completed in high school. 

The following is a guideline to insure proper placement in the various levels of French courses offered:

Highest grade level completed:
Course to register in:
Grade 9 Core French or below
 Frade 10 Core French
 Grade 11 Core French
 Grade 12 Core French

 Grade 12 French (AP or Extended French)

 Grade 12 French Immersion
 Graduation from a French high school
Consult Academic Advisor
French Teaching Option Requirements

The French Teaching Option is only available to students registered in a Brantford Campus program. It is designed to provide students with a supplemental course of study focusing on the skills and knowledge specific to teaching French.

For graduation, students must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 computed on all 4.0 credits in the option.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 0.5 credit on an exchange, Explore Program (or other letter of permission), in Quebec or in a French speaking country in order to complete the option. Students wishiing to compelte this requirement outside of Quebec are required to have the placement approved by the Dean of Brantford.

Students completeing the French Teachable Option are excluded from completeing the French minor. 

Required Courses:

FR230, FR231, FR250, FR251, FR260

1.5 Credits Selected From:

FR232, FR233, FR234, FR235, FR237, FR238, FR290, FR385

Students with immersion background (or higher levels of French from high school) should be aware that if they cannot fulfill the requirements of the teaching option with the courses offered at Laurier Brantford more courses through study abroad or Letter of Permission may be required.
For More information on any pre-requisites, exclusions and notes regarding some of the above courses listed, please see Course Information, Pre-Requistes, Exclusions, & Notes on the left hand side tab.

High School French Courses

For those students still in high school, but planning on a future at Laurier Brantford, or any student interested in further information as to the possible high school prerequisites required for particular Language programs here at Laurier, the following is a list of courses in French as a second language for grades 11 & 12 in Ontario high schools:

  • FSF3U Grade 11 Core French University
  • FSF3O Grade 11 Core French Open
  • FSF4U Grade 12 Core French University
  • FSF4O Grade 12 Core French Open
  • FEF3U Grade 11 Extended French University
  • FIF3U Grade 11 French Immersion University
  • FIF4U Grade 12 French Immersion University

Course Information, Pre-Requisites, Exclusions & Notes

The following is a compiled list of particular Language courses offered at Laurier Brantford that include important information pretaining to pre-requisites, exclusions, filters on Loris, and notes regarding enrollment.

  •  Graduation from French secondary school or French immersion high school
  • Grade 12 French AP Level 4
  • Grade 12U French
  •  Student must email  for override to enroll in this course
  • Advisor must check last high school French course completed


  • FR230, OR
  • Grade 12 French AP Level 4
  •  Graduation from French high school or French Immersion high school
  •  Students must email  for override to enroll in this course
  • Advisor must check last high school French course completed




  • FR231, OR
  • French Immersion high school
  •  Graduation from French (fully french) high school