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March 6, 2015

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BBQ Requests

A BBQ is available for staff, faculty and student groups to use for events at Laurier's Brantford campus. In order to reserve the BBQ steps 1-3 must be completed prior to the event.

Note: In the context of this request, the "Supervisor" is considered the person who is overseeing the event in which the BBQ will be used. The "BBQ Operator" is the person operating the BBQ during the event. The supervisor may also be the operator.

STEP 1: Complete BBQ Request Form

The BBQ request formMUST be completed by the event Supervisor. Please consider the following when requesting the BBQ:

  • The designated BBQ setup area is RAC Courtyard. The RAC Courtyard andTentmust be booked through Service Laurier prior to requestingthe BBQ (to complete a Space Booking Request Form Click Here).
  • The BBQ must not be located under the tent. However, the BBQ Operators can stand under the tent to BBQ provided there is suitable clearance for the heat to rise without causing damage to the tent. The Supervisor will be responsible for the cost of any damage to the tent.
  • BBQ requestsmust be made no later than two weeks prior to the event.
  • When deciding on a "Setup Time", please remember that the BBQ must never be left unattended and the Supervisor MUST supervise the BBQ operators while the BBQ is in operation.
  • The BBQ should be turned off approximately 20 minutes prior to the end of your event to allow the BBQ to cool off. Doing this will ensure that the BBQ is ready to be put away at the end of your event.

To complete the BBQ Request Form Click Here.

STEP 2: Supervisor's Required Training

The Supervisor MUST complete the online training andreview the following documents prior to the event:

  • Compressed Gas CylinderOnline Training - Self Register
    • Compressed, Liquefied & Flammable Propane Gas Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - Click Here
  • Basic WHMIS Online Training - Self Register
    • Fire Extinguisher Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) -Click Here
    • Propane Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) -Click Here
  • Laurier Brantford BBQ Guidelines- Click Here
  • Food Safety Protocol -Click Here

Note: All online training is completed through MyLearning Space. For self-registration instructions Click Here.

STEP 3: BBQ Operators Required Training

The SupervisorMUSTreview the followinginformation with the BBQ Operator prior to the event:

  • Section 4.3 of the Compressed, Liquefied & Flammable Propane GasSOP(Fora Propane BBQ Operator Training Record - Click Here)
  • Fire Extinguisher MSDS
  • PropaneMSDS
  • Laurier BrantfordBBQ Guidelines
  • Food Safety Protocol

The Supervisor must ensure that all BBQ Operators have up to date WHMIS training provided by Laurier prior to the event date.

Note: It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to ensure that all required training is completed prior to the event. If you fail to complete all of the required training prior to the event you will not be able to use the BBQ. Supervisorsshould retain records of training as they may be requested as part of the reservation process.

If you have any questions regarding the BBQ please contact Linda Cook (, ext. 5761).