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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
September 15, 2014
Canadian Excellence


The Weadge Lab

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Current Students

Emily Wilson - graduate student 

Raluca Tutulan - graduate student

Erum Razvi - research assistant/Co-op student

Deanna MacNeil - research assistant

Jason Perez - research assistant 

Christina Notte - research assistant/Co-op student 

Thomas Brenner - research assistant 

Past Members

Laura Kell - research assistant 

Jesika Skrinjaric - research assistant

Victoria LaFerla - volunteer/Co-op student

Research Opportunities

There are ongoing opportunities for motivated and eager researchers in the lab. Typical projects will encompass everything from learning standard protein and DNA methodologies to using sophisticated protein structure-function techniques. Individuals with an interest/background in molecular biology, biochemistry and/or microbiology are encouraged to contact Dr. Weadge ( about joining the lab. Prospective students should provide a cover letter outlining their interests/qualifications, a CV/resume and a recent copy of grade transcripts (or GPA/GRE scores)

Undergraduate students - positions are available as senior honours thesis students and undergraduate research assistants.

Graduate students - Dr. Weadge is actively recruiting M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.