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Wilfrid Laurier University Information and Communication Technologies
September 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence


The New ResNet

•Full high speed wifi for all on campus Waterloo residences
•Coverage in all bedrooms and common areas
•600 Wireless Access Points (WAP’s) installed to serve 2300 students
•We have provided a 3Gig internet connection for Laurier
•Note: most schools have a 1 Gig connection
•Each WAP is 1Gig capable
•Bandwidth is finite. You all share the same pipe.
•So performance will vary by the number of people connected and what they are doing at any given time
•There is no monthly cap, use as much as you want
•Typical feeds
•Music streaming – 0.15 Mbps
•Video streaming – 1.5 – 5 Mbps (try to avoid Super HD)
•Skype/Google Talk – 0.25 Mbps
•Gaming – 0.010 Mbps