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April 24, 2014
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Substantive Minor Curriculum Changes

Substantive Minor Curriculum Change Template

Substantive Minor curriculum changes include:

• Renaming of programs (or graduate fields)
• Changes in admission or progression requirements
• Course additions or deletions which effectively reorganize a program, impact another faculty, or result in significant additional or reduced resource requirements
• Changes in program regulations with broad implications; changes that run counter to the university’s academic plan
• Other changes which may result in additional or reduced resource requirements.

The process for the approval of substantive changes is the same as for major modifications, except that reporting to the Quality Council and, in most cases, to the MTCU is not required. This process is as follows:

1) Proposals must be prepared by a program or academic unit’s curriculum committee or like body after consultation with other relevant communities using the provided template. These communities may include academic departments or programs within the university, as well as stakeholders in the broader community such as partners in joint programs.

2) When appropriate, the proposal will be reviewed and approved by the department or equivalent curriculum committee. Proposals may need approval by department or equivalent councils prior to being forwarded to divisional curriculum committees.

3) Proposals will be reviewed by the divisional curriculum committee, and then approved by the Faculty, school, federated college, or campus divisional council. Changes to graduate programs must also be reviewed and approved by Graduate Faculty Council.

4) Proposals will then be submitted to the Senate Academic Planning Committee by the responsible Faculty for review and approval. Proposals for changes to graduate programs will be presented by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies regardless of the program’s home.

5) Approved proposals for substantive minor curriculum changes will be brought forward to Senate and presented by the Faculty responsible.