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July 7, 2015

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Curriculum Change Templates

Templates and information regarding curriculum changes are available on this page. Reading the Taxonomy of Curriculum Changes and Related Processes Document is strongly recommended before submitting curriculum changes. It has been excerpted fromPolicy 2.2 and can be used to help determine the category into which a proposed curriculum change would fall. It also outlines the steps that must be taken in order to secure approval for the program change. If you are unsure about how to classify a curriculum change, please consult this spreadsheet to see how past changes have been reported.

Major Modifications
Substantive Minor Changes Editorial Minor Changes Expedited Reviews

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  • the merger of two or more programs
  • new bridging options for college diploma graduates
  • deletion of programs (covered in article 23 of the WLU-WLUFA collective agreement)
  • the introduction or deletion of an undergraduate thesis or capstone project
  • the introduction or deletion or a work experience, co-op option, internship, practicum, or portfolio
  • addition of a new minor or option to a program
  • changes to an existing minor or option
  • offering an existing minor on another campus
  • significant changes to the learning outcomes
  • significant changes to the faculty engaged in the program and/or the modes of delivery, and/or the essential resources


  • renaming of programs
  • changes in admission, progression, or graduation requirements
  • a change to a graduation requirement
  • course additions or deletions which effectively reorganize a program, impact another faculty, or result in significant additional or reduced resource requirements
  • changes in the program regulations with broad implications; changes that run counter to the Senate- and Board-approved university academic plan
  • new course
  • course deletion
  • change to course title
  • change to calendar description
  • change to credit weight
  • change to prerequisite
  • change to exclusion
  • change to a program regulation


  • a proposal for a new field in a graduate program
  • a proposal for a new collaborative or joint program
  • proposals for new for-credit graduate diplomas
  • if the university requests it, approval of any changes listed as New Programs


Taxonomy of Curriculum Changes
This document outlines the types and information required for preparing and submitting curriculum changes.

Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations
This document outlines the provincially established Degree Level Expectations (UDLEs) for undergraduate programs.

Graduate Degree Level Expectations
This document outlines the provincially established Degree Level Expectations (GDLEs) for graduate programs.

Laurier's Academic Plan 2010-2015
The Academic Plan identifies Laurier's core principles and academic domains.

Laurier's Values, Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles
This document can be useful in articulating the goals of the University.

The Western Guide to Curriculum Review
This handbook prepared by the University of Western Ontario is helpful in developing new curriculum or revising existing curriculum at both the course and program-levels.