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February 10, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Opening Keynote Speaker

Date: Tuesday June 23, 2015
Time: 8:45 AM - 10:15 AM
Location: Maureer Forrester Recital Hall

Deborah Kimmett

Second City Veteran and Expert on Communication and Change

Keynote Presentation: Change Direction Without Losing Your Mind

Every time you think you know what you are doing, they change it up on you. Yes we know things change but the speed of it has accelerated.† Using her inimitable wit and wisdom improvisational expert Deborah Kimmett will lay out the way change affects you and how you can deal with it without freaking out.
Side effects: You will get your sense of humour back


Whether on the page or on the stage, Deborah Kimmett is one funny lady. This witty and wise woman has been using humour to open minds and heal hearts for over 30 years. A Second City veteran, a regular performer on CBCís radio and television show The Debaters and sought-after motivator on the speaker circuit, she engages her audiences with stories and killer humour that ignite, inspire and energize. Clients that ask her back: Microsoft, Corrections, Bell Canada, RBC, Health Canada, IBM, and countless health care organizations.

Deborah is an accomplished author of three books, Reality is Over-Rated and That Which Doesnít Kill You Makes You Funnier and Out Running Crazy. She was nominated twice for the National Magazine Award for Humour. She is a well-known playwright and has been nominated for the Governor General Award for her play Miracle Mother in 1984. Having written 52 episodes of TV, a feature movie about female prison guards she has also written and produced a compassionate care video called, Walk a Mile in my backless gown. Since Debís passion is mentoring the creative soul in folks so through her company, Chip off The Old Writers Blocks, she hosts one day creative writing retreats and on line writing boot camps.