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February 7, 2016
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Appointment Procedures

Eligible individuals are appointed as Postdoctoral Fellows at Laurier by the Dean of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.  The following steps outline the process of appointing a postdoctoral fellow.  When requesting a new postdoctoral appointment, please allow at least one month in advance of a proposed starting date:

  1. Identify the candidate that you would like to hire as a postdoctoral fellow (PDF) 

    As the supervising faculty, you can identify the individual you would like to hire as a postdoctoral fellow based on the skills, training, and academic background you think is most appropriate for your project.  

    To be eligible to be appointed as a postdoctoral fellow, candidates should normally have completed their PhD within the previous 5 years.  The minimum required salary for PDFs is $32,000/year, and the duration of appointments should be a minimum of 4 months.

  2. Complete the postdoctoral appointment request form

    The supervising faculty member must submit a completed postdoctoral fellow appointment request form.  The candidate’s CV and letters of support from the Dean/Chair must be submitted in support of the appointment request form

    The completed form and supporting documentation are to be e-mailed to Helen Paret ( This information will be used by FGPS to prepare an offer letter to candidate.

  3. FGPS prepares and sends an offer letter

    FGPS sends an offer letter to the prospective postdoctoral fellow. The offer letter outlines the terms and conditions of the employment offer.  Some conditions may apply to the offer of the Fellowship, such as, obtaining a work permit or providing evidence of degree completion.  

    It is the responsibility as the supervising faculty member to ensure that the PDF is eligible to hold a postdoctoral fellowship

  4. Offer letter is accepted

    Once the offer letter is accepted by the postdoctoral fellow candidate, a copy of the accepted offer is sent to the supervising researcher.  

    Upon the arrival of the postdoctoral fellow on the start date outlined in the offer letter, the postdoctoral fellow must provide direct deposit authorization and a SIN (if required). Payroll will be notified and will initiate payment once the required information is collected.

    For international postdoctoral candidate only

    If the postdoctoral fellow is a foreign national (i.e. not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada), the supervising faculty must pay a $230 employer compliance fee as part of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s International Mobility Program.  Upon acceptance of the offer letter by the candidate, the supervising researcher will be notified to pay this fee.

    IMPORTANT: Upon payment of the compliance fee, you will receive a fee receipt from CIC via e-mail.  Forward this fee receipt as a PDF to Helen Paret (; FGPS must supply the fee receipt number to CIC when submitting paperwork in support of the Postdoctoral Work Permit application.  


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