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July 29, 2014
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Overview of Current Research


Cohesion: "A dynamic process that is reflected in the tendencies for a group to stick together and remain united in the pursuit of its instrumental and/or for the satisfaction of member affective needs" (Carron et al., 1998, p.313).

Previous research with adults demonstrated strong positive relationships between perceptions of group cohesion and (a) performance (Carron et al., 2002), (b) exercise adherence rates (Spink & Carron, 1994), and (c) actual return to sport teams (Spink, 2010).

Current and previous work focuses on further understanding the antecedents and consequences of cohesion in phsyical activity groups as well as examining conceptual and measurement issues surrounding the concept.

Current Projects

"Youth participation in physical activity: Effects of group and peer influences"

(Principal Investigator: Mark Eys, Ministry of Innovation ERA grant)

"Cohesion in independent sport and exercise environments"

(Blair Evans, Ph.D student)

"Coach initiated motivational climate: The effect on group cohesion and intention to return following an intervention program"

(Colin McLaren, M.Sc. student)

"Testing the effectiveness of team building interventions in community group exercise settings"

(Robyn Bertram, M.Sc. student)


Roles= structural component of groups that represent the patterns of behaviour expected of an individual in a social situation.

Previous research has demonstrated links between role perceptions and (a) task cohesion (Eys & Carron, 2001), (b) intentions to return to one's team (Eys et al., 2005), and (c) athlete satisfaction (Eys et al., 2003).

Current work focuses on extending previous results pertaining to perceptions of role ambiguity and initiating examinations of role acceptance and role satisfaction.

Current Projects

"Socialization strategies used in sport teams"

(Alex Benson, PhD. student)

"Athletes' perceptions of role satisfaction"

(Mark Surya, PhD. student)