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Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
July 28, 2014
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Holistic Healing Conference

THE GLEBE CENTRE and the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (WLU) WILL BE HOSTING THE "HOLISTIC HEALING CONFERENCE" ON MAY 9 AND 10, 2014 which will include a keynote address from Dr. Marie-Jose Dhaese from Vancouver Island, workshops on Narrative Play Therapy, Sandtray, Music Therapy, Mask Making, Korean and Chinese Healing, Alternative Healing in Groups, EMDR/BRAIN GYM AND EFT and other topics.



Certification Program (6 weeks) with Canadian Association of Child and Play Therapy will begin at the end of the conference. Certification in Theraplay (level 1) to take place the week before the conference.

Holistic Healing Conference, Glebe Centre, WLS- WLU, May 9-10, 2014:
Keynote and Workshop Overviews


Dr. Marie-Jose Dhaese, PhD, RCC, ATR, Rpt-S, Cpt-S Cancelled due to illness

Title:  “Holistic Expressive Therapy: a Healing Journey for all Ages”

Due to illness, the keynote address will be presented by:

Olena Darewych, Reg. Art Therapists, PhD student

Title: "Art-Based Interventions: Developmental Paralysis to Life Meaning"

William Damon (2009), leading scholar of human development exclaimed that a number of today's youth and young adults living in industrial nations lack life meaning and are suffering from "directionless drift" and "developmental paralysis". This paper will present evidence-based art interventions grounded in positive psychology theories which help young adults to psychologically shift towards meaningful and positive future life pathways. 


Friday afternoon:

  • Narrative Play Therapy: Dr. Alan McLuckie, MSW, PhD Dalhousie University and Melissa Rowbotham, Toronto- this workshop uses experiential learning and demonstrations to explore how to adapt narrative therapy for work with families and young children. By integrating play-based interventions, this developmentally-informed approach to narrative therapy helps to enhance the participation of young children in family-based therapies in order to maximize collaboration in the change process.
  • Mask-Making in Art Therapy, Reflections of Self: Katherine Hubner-Kozman, Reg. Art Therapist and Olena Darewych, Reg. Art Therapists, PhD student, Boston, Mass.- this experiential workshop will commence with a brief introduction of mask-making in art therapy. Participants will then have an opportunity to explore their identity and create a personal cultural mask.
  • Korean Drumming and Han: Korean drumming: Kyoung Kim, M.Min, MA and Hae Ron Song-  Janggo is a traditional form of Korean music that helps a person with complex feelings, called Han, to release them. Releasing the feelings enables a person to think differently.
  • Using Alternative Healing Techniques with Groups: Allisa Scott, HBA, MA, MSW, RSW, social worker, consultant and trainer in private practice in KW- Learn some alternative healing methods to use with groups, which integrates creativity, diversity and spirituality to make your holistic group practice more inclusive.

Saturday workshops:

  • Sandtray for Diversity: Theresa Fraser, CYW, M.A, Cpt-S, President of CACPT- this will be an interactive workshop for participants to experience the power of sand, the sandtray and miniatures. Participants are requested to bring a miniature that reflects their history, culture, faith, generation and current work and living communities.
  • Music and Whole Person Health: Justine Stehouwer, BMT, and Melissa Telford, BMT, Music Therapists- exploring the benefits of music therapy across domains and populations through research and experiential elements.
  • Singing as Psychotherapy: Sarah Pearson, MMT, Music Therapist, GRH-Cancer Centre- this workshop will explore singing and singing exercises as powerful interventions in psychotherapy.
  • Weaving Innovative Techniques into Play Therapy: Jan Yordy, MSW, MEd, Cpt- making an energy connection with children is vitally important in their healing journey. Learn how Jan Yordy weaves EMDR, EFT and Brain Gym into Play Therapy to expand and enhance the healing potential of children.
  • Healing Through Song and Stories- An African Approach: Dr. Florence Juma, PhD and Funke Oba (PhD Student, FSW, WLU)-  There is a well-documented inverse relationship between the health of immigrants and number of years spent in Canada. This workshop explores Afrocentric philosophies and their influence on meaningful wholistic therapies. We make a distinction between healing (managing, treating, absenting of symptoms) and wellbeing of spirit, soul and body. In this fun interactive workshop, you will learn how to play a musical instrument from Africa and  uncover the liberating potentials of songs, stories, dance folklore and drumming not just for Africans but for all people and for the whole person.
  • Rainbow Families- Visibility in the Early Years: Shelley Secret, RECE, and Frank Ripplinger, RECE- With a focus on LGBTQ inclusion, participants will engage in an interactive reflection on early beliefs and the impact on our current practice, create an awareness of appropriate terminology and take a glimpse at Waterloo Region’s LGBTQ community through video. Small groups will take place to discuss family diversity and gender in age appropriate ways.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy and The Genogram: Dr. Kris Lund, PhD and Aaron Smith, MTS, MA - In this workshop participants will engage in the interplay between EFT and the Genogram, specifically focusing on Attachment. The workshop will include both input and experiential learning regarding EFT and the Genogram.
  • Ying Yang- A Chinese Perspective on Holistic Healing: Hailing Huang, MTS, MA, Reg.  in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy and members of the Chinese Association- with the accompaniment of a Chinese Tai Chi Master and a practitioner of traditional Medicine, the workshop will highlight Chinese Holistic Healing.

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