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March 3, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Part Time Faculty Resources

Part-Time Appointment Committee (PTAC) Members for 2014 / 2015

Dr. Chris Alksnis - Chair
T: (519) 756-8228 x5738

Dr. Judy Eaton - Member
T: (519) 756-8228 x5757

Dr. Danielle Law - Member
T: (519) 756-8228 x5552


Dr. Sybil Geldart - Alternate
T: (519) 756-8228 x5839

Dr. Erin Strahan - Alternate
T: (519) 756-8228 x5745

Part-Time Psychology Faculty 2014-2015

Fall Term

Iuliana Baciu (PS260)

Kaylena Ehgoetz-Martens (PS263)

Ravi Gokani (PS282)

Kerri Michalica (PS270, PS271, PS101 BR2)

Winter Term

Kerri Michalica (PS 261)

Jane Foster (PS 262)

Part-Time Faculty Listing

For the current listing of all Faculty of Human and Social Sciences Part Time / CAS faculty, click here.

Course Offerings 2014 - 2015

For a complete listing of all Laurier Brantford job postings, click here.


Collective Agreement between Wilfrid Laurier University and Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association for Part-Time Faculty (CAS) and Part-Time Librarians, please click here.

Part-Time Faculty Handbook, please click here.

CAS Roster Application Form* please clickhere.

*Please note that ifyou would like to apply to teach in more than one Faculty ( teach in Psych in Waterloo and Psych in Brantford), a copy of the Roster Application Form form needs to go to each Faculty as Brantford is considered its own faculty.