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June 25, 2016

Canadian Excellence


The following is a list of Sustainability Researches at Laurier Brantford.



Research Topic(s)

Andrew Robinson
Contemporary Studies
The moral and practical capacity of liberal-democratic states to accommodate deep cultural diversity.
Brenda Murphy
Geography and Contemporary Studies
  • social capital and environmental justice
  • risk (climate change, disasters, hazardous facility siting)
Edward Shizha
Contemporary Studies
Exploring ways in which integration of indigenous knowledge and learning can enhance knowledge utilization in socio-economic development.
Ella Haley
Sociology and Contemporary Studies
  • Food sovereignty in Brant County
  • Exemplary countryside line in Waterloo
  • Community based research on disappearing farmland
Lamine Diallo
Leadership and Contemporary Studies
Community development using participatory action research to understand the impact of social policies on organization community groups, particularly the issue of diversity and social inclusion.
Rick Gamble
Journalism and Contemporary Studies
Food related issues, particularly food policy and fair trade
Robert Feagan
Geography and Contemporary Studies
  • Alternative and localized food systems
  • sustainable community development
  • cultural/environmental philosophy and management
  • globilization
Stephen Haller
Philosophy and Contemporary Studies
  • environment and ethics
  • global warming
  • science and ethics
  • risks and uncertainty