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October 25, 2014
Canadian Excellence


The following is a list of sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses offered at Laurier Brantford.

Sustainability-Focused Courses

Contemporary Studies        

  • CT212    Environmental Issues and Responses
  • CT401    Food


    • CC306    Global Justice

    Human Rights and Human Diversity    

    • HR328    The United Nations in the 21st Century

    Indigenous Studies    

    • ID201    Indigenous Perspectives on Global Issues

    Sustainability-Related Courses

    Contemporary Studies   

    • CT111    Regions in Context -- the Grand River
    • CT122    Social and Political Thought
    • CT201    Criminology and Contemporary Issues
    • CT310    Blending Economic Theory and Law: Money, Markets and Justice
    • CT450    The City in Contemporary Life
    • CT499    Interdisciplinarity in Practice


    • CC308    Corporate Deviance and Crime
    • CC312    Madness, Pollution and Crime

    Environment and Society   

    • EY101    Environment and Society: A Historical Perspective
    • EY301    Environmental Communication
    • EY302    Climate Change and Society

    Health Studies

    • HS200    Social Determinants of Health
    • HS219    Disabilities
    • HS303    Environment and Health

    Human Rights and Human Diversity   

    • HR100    Human Rights & Human Diversity
    • HR321    Journalism, Human Rights and International Development
    • HR329    Global Health and Social Justice
    • HR331    Human Rights and the Environment
    • HR402    Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human Rights


    • JN206    The Margin and the Mainstream
    • JN212    Journalism and Social Change
    • JN303    Public Journalism and Social Advocacy
    • JN327    Social Documentary

    Law and Society   

    • LY210    The Role of Harm in Canadian Law: What’s Right, What’s Wrong and What Hurts


    • OL260    Organizations and Social Change
    • OL300    Ethics and Organizational Responsibility
    • OL350    Multicultural Competence

    Media Studies   

    • MX201    Media and Modernity