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June 25, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Business and Economics

The following is a list of Sustainability Researchers in the Faculty of Business and Economics.



Research Topic(s)

Barry Colbert
  • Sustainable strategic management
  • Societal learning for sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Bruce McConomy
Accounting Environmental accounting
David Blenkhorn
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Green evolution in business-to-business marketing
Frank Millerd
  • Fisheries development
  • Internal migration
  • Climate change and commercial navigation in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system
Greg Irving
Organizational Behaviour/HRM
  • Organizational socialization
  • Organizational justice
Hideki Arrizumi
  • Health economics
  • Labour economics
  • Industrial organization
Ignacio Castillo
Operations & Decision Sciences
Sustainable and closed-loop supply chain management
Mitali De
Operations & Decision Sciences
  • Environmental management systems
  • Decision support systems
  • Optimization
Randall Wigle
  • Climate change economics
  • Trade and the environment
Sarah Wilner
  • Consumer culture
  • Product development and innovation
  • Brand management and communication
  • Manager interpretations of customer needs
Tracy Snoddon
Economics Canadian environmental policy and Kyoto
Xuan Zhao
Operations & Decision Sciences
  • Inventory decision making
  • Coordination/contracting
  • Competitive revenue management