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October 31, 2014

Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Science

The following is a list of sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses offered by the Faculty of Science.

Sustainability-Focused Courses

  • BI205 Introduction to Ecology
  • BI296 Contemporary Issues in Biology
  • BI300 Environmental Toxicology
  • BI305 Ecology
  • BI307 Limnology
  • BI365 Environmental Stress Biology of Plants
  • BI400 Topics in Environmental Toxicology
  • BI405 Community Ecology

Sustainability-Related Courses


  • CH110 Fundamentals of Chemistry I
  • CH233 Environmental Atmospheric Chemistry
  • CH234 Environmental Aquatic Chemistry
  • CH358 Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology
  • CH445 Environmental Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • CH645 Environmental Heterogeneous Catalysis


  • BI101 Introductory Biology
  • BI102 Introduction to Biological Science
  • BI111 Biological Diversity and Evolution
  • BI117 Fundamental Functional Biology
  • BI119 Introduction to Functional Biology
  • BI256 Life on Earth: Animals
  • BI266 Life on Earth: Plants
  • BI309 Population Ecology
  • BI368 Plants: Form and Function
  • BI458 Vertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation
  • BI468 Plant Biodiversity and Conservation
  • BI475 Microbial Ecology
  • BI488 Invertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation

Kinesiology and Physical Education

  • KP332 Human Nutrition in Exercise and Health


  • MA100 Introductory Calculus for the Natural Sciences
  • MA101 Calculus I for the Natural Sciences


  • PS270 Social Psychology
  • PS374 Applied Social Psychology
  • PS383 Psychology, Environment, and Action
  • PS630 Multicultural Processes in Canadian Perspective