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October 25, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Arts

The following is a list of sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.

Sustainability Focused-Courses

Cultural Studies   
  • KS300A Special Topic Cultural Studies in Action
Geography & Environmental Studies   
  • GG362 Global Food Systems
  • GG468 Advanced Spatial Analysis
  • GG469 Geographical Information Systems II
  • GG493 Problems in Land Resources Management
  • ES101 Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ES295 Ecotourism and the Environment
  • ES392 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ES496 Theory and Practice of Sustainability
  • HI424 Reading Seminar on Nature and Environment in Canadian History
Global Studies   
  • GS351 Nature, Culture and Development


  • SY406 Environmental Sociology
  • SY414 Social Movements

Sustainability-Related Courses


  • AN200    Key Concepts in Contemporary Anthropology
  • AN205    Inuit of the Canadian Arctic
  • AN229    Aboriginal Peoples of Canada: Contemporary Issues
  • AN237    Cross-cultural Studies of Change
  • AN331    Political Ecology of Environmental Discourse
  • AN463    Anthropology of Nature and the Environment

Archaeology & Classical Studies   

  • AR246    Environmental Archaeology
  • LA101    Introductory Latin I
  • LA102    Introductory Latin II
  • LA203    Intermediate Latin
  • LA204    Selections from Latin Authors
  • GR201    Introductory Ancient Greek I
  • CL101    The Greek World
  • CL102    Roman Civilization
  • CL212    Roman Literature

Communication Studies    

  • CS213    Technology and Society
  • CS310    Globalization & Communication

Geography & Environmental Studies       

  • GG101    Introduction to Physical Geography
  • GG102    Introduction to Human Geography
  • GG231    Risks and Disasters
  • GG261    Geography of Energy
  • GG290    Global Resource and Environmental Issues
  • GG350    Canadian Issues
  • GG294    Geography of Tourism - "Beyond the City"
  • GG336    Coastal Processes and Landforms
  • GG388    Introductory Physical Climatology
  • GG389    Climate Change
  • GG391    Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management
  • GG395    The World's Problem Environments
  • GG396    Natural Hazards
  • GG397    World Water Environment and Development Issues
  • GG398    Parks and Protected Areas
  • GG486    Seminar on Coastal Environments
  • GG494    Northern Resources and Environments
  • ES102    Environmental Problems and Approaches
  • ES293    Social-Ecological Systems Approaches
  • ES298    Environmental Thought
  • ES357    Greening the Campus


  • EN330    Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms
  • EN220    Reading Culture

Global Studies   

  • GS211    Theories of development
  • GS441    Ecological Citizenship


  • HI120 World History in the Past and Present: An Introduction
  • HI209    The United States from 1877 to the Present
  • HI322    Social History of Modern Canada
  • HI344    Native Peoples of Eastern Canada
  • HI345    Native Peoples of Western Canada
  • HI377    Science and Environment in Canadian History
  • HI425    Reading Seminar on Science, Culture and Society in Canadian History
  • HI474    Nature and Environment in Canadian History
  • HI476    Aboriginal North America: Interpreting Native History since Columbus


  • PP203    Social and Political Philosophy
  • PP213    Legal Philosophy
  • PP223    Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PP224    Philosophy and the Environment
  • PP247    Business Ethics

Political Science

  • PO220    Politics in Developing Countries
  • PO316    Canadian Environmental Politics
  • PO322    Civil Society, Social Movements, and Globalization
  • PO420    The Politics of Social Policy in the Era of Globalization
  • PO485    The Global Environment
  • PO491    International Human Rights

Religion and Culture   

  • RE321    Gandhi: Non-Violence and the Struggle for Freedom
  • RE380    Religion and Social Change


  • SY102    Critical Analysis of Social Issues
  • SY204    Social Inequality
  • SY307    Political Sociology
  • SY333    Human Rights I: Canadian Responsibility
  • SY410    Human Rights II: Intellectuals’ Responsibility

Women & Gender Studies   

  • WS100    Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • WS305    Gender, Culture and Technology
  • WS306    Women and Social Justice