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November 21, 2014

Canadian Excellence

Faculty of Arts

The following is a list of sustainability-related and sustainability-focused courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.


AN200 Key Concepts in Contemporary Anthropology

AN229 Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

AN237 Cross-Cultural Studies of Change

AN343 Culture and Society in Latin America

AN463 Environments, Environmentalisms and Nature/culture

Archaeology and Classical Studies

AR246 Environment and Archaeology

AR102 Introduction to Archaeology

AR219 Field Archaeology

AR241 Historical Archaeology

AR250 Digital Heritage and Archaeology

AR342 Cultural Heritage Issues in Historical & Industrial Archaeology

AR343 Heritage Preservation and Structural Recording in Historical & Industrial Archaeology

AR336 Culture and Resource Management

AR372 Archaeological Collections Management

CL101 The Greek World

CL102 Roman Civilization

CL/HI226 History of Ancient Rome

Christian Studies Global Citizenship

GC343 Christian Studies and Ecojustice


EU 415 Science and Technology Education I

EU433 Outdoor Education and Environmental Education

EU 434 Global Education

EU464 Teaching Methods: Social Studies, History and Geography

English and Film Studies

EN107 Literature and Catastrophe

EN108 Literature and the Environment

EN220 Reading Culture

EN250 Literature, Nature, Ecocentrism

EN280 Indigenous Writers

EN330 Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms

Environment and Society Option

EY101 Environment and Society: A Historical Perspective

EY301 Environmental Communication

EY302 Climate Change and Society

Environmental Studies

ES101 Introduction to Environmental Studies

ES102 Environmental Problems and Approaches

ES290 Global Resource and Environmental Issues

ES291 Geography of Resource Policy and Administration

ES293 Social-Ecological Systems Approaches

ES295 Ecotourism and the Environment

ES296 Introduction to Sustainability

ES297 Geography of Water Resources-Canada

ES298 Environmental Thought

ES356 Development & the Environment

ES391 Wildlife & Rural Land Resources Management

ES392 Environmental Impact Assessment

ES397 World Water Environment and Development Issues

ES398 Parks & Protected Areas

ES401 Theory & Practice of Ecosystem-Based Management

ES493 Problems in Land Resources Management

ES494 Northern Resources & Environments

ES496 Theory and Practice of Sustainability


GG102 Intro to Human Geography

GG231 Risks and Disasters

GG261 Geography of Energy

GG290 Global Resources and Environmental Issues

GG350 Canadian Issues

GG356 Development & the Environment

GG362 Global Food Systems

GG389 Climate Change

GG391 Wildlife and Rural Land Resources Management

GG395 The World's Problem Environments

GG396 Natural Hazards

GG397 World Water Environment and Development Issues

GG486 Seminar on Coastal Environments

GG494 Northern Resources and Environments

Global Studies

GS212 Theories of Development

GS 232: Peace & Conflict Transformation

GS351 Nature, Culture and Development

GS361 Disasters and Development

GS441 Ecological Citizenship

GS 405A Global Lives of Natural Resources

Health Studies

HS303 Environment and Health


HI322 Social History of Modern Canada

HI344 Native Peoples of Eastern Canada

HI345 Native Peoples of Western Canada

HI377 Science and Environment in Canadian History

HI424 Reading Seminar on Nature and Environment in Canadian History

HI425 Reading Seminar on Science, Culture and Society in Canadian History

HI474 Nature and Environment in Canadian History

HI476 Aboriginal North America

Human Rights and Diversity

HR100 Human Rights & Human Diversity

HR163 Introduction to International Development

HR231 Human Rights and the Environment

HR301 Development Theories, Strategies and Issues

HR328 The United Nations in the 21st Century

HR329 Global Health and Social Justice

HR402 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Human Rights

Indigenous Studies

ID201 Indigenous Perspectives on Global Issues

ID/CT 120 Introduction to Indigenous Studies

ID301 Traditional Ecological Knowledge


JN206 The Margin and the Mainstream

JN212 Journalism and Social Change

JN301 Environmental Communication

JN303 Public Journalism and Social Advocacy

JN327 Social Documentary

Society, Culture and Environment

CT100 Current Issues in Global Context

CT202 Science and Cultural Issues

CT208 Science, Truths and Values

CT210 Environment & Society: Historical Perspectives

CT215 Environmental Concerns: From the Grand to the Globe

CT250 Themes in Global Capitalism

CT302 Climate Change & Society

CT312 Sustainability & Global Society

CT401 Food

CT404 Issues in Development and Social Entrepreneurship

CT415 Practising Sustainability

CT417 Special Topics in Environment and Sustainability

CT450 The City in Contemporary Life

CT455 Struggles in Capitalism Today

CT487 The Medicine Garden


OL340 Leadership, Organizational Culture and Change

OL322/HR322 Non-Governmental Organizations

OL370 Power and Governance in Organizations

North American Studies

NO240 North America: Business and Society

NO/GG 201 North American Transborder Region


PP224 Philosophy and the Environment

Political Science

PO316 Environment and Nature Resource Politics in Canada

PO319 African Politics

PO360 Canadian Mass Politics

PO433 Issues and Policy-making in Canada

PO494 Programming in Fragile States


PS374 Applied Social Psychology

PS383 Environment, Psychology and Action

Religion and Culture

RE330 Controversial Religious Issues & Movements

Social Work

SK121 Introduction to Social Work: Values, Ethics and Practice


SY406 Environmental Sociology

SY414 Social Movements