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Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo Convocation
July 1, 2015

Canadian Excellence

University Mace


Wilfrid Laurier University Mace:

The mace of Wilfrid Laurier University was officially presented by the Euler family at the 1963 fall convocation in memory of The Honourable W.D. Euler, former senator of Canada and the first chancellor of the university. It weighs 16 pounds and was manufactured by the firm of Henry Birks Limited, Montreal.

The ferrule near the base of the shaft contains ivory from a walrus tusk obtained from Coral Harbour, Northwest Territories. The ten-sided shaft, representing the ten provinces, merges into the head of the mace which bears the ten provincial crests. the wood used at the point where the shaft meets the head of the mace is elm taken from the bannister post of Conrad Hall, the original seminary building. Above this are four crests relating to the history of the institution: a crest of Waterloo County, the Luther Coat of Arms, the crest of the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and the coat of arms of the University of Western Ontario.

The head of the mace is made of maple and bears the Federal Coat of Arms, above which is the monogram of Queen Elizabeth II, during whose reign the university's charter was granted. On the reverse side is the crest of Wilfrid Laurier University and the monogram of King George V, during whose reign the original charter was granted. The top of the mace is a crown, mounted with jewels, symbolizing the authority of the State.

Processional Banners:

On either side of the convocation stage, processional banners from the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, School of Business & Economics, Faculty of Music, Faculty of Social Work, Faculty of Graduate Studies, and the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary are displayed. Each banner, through colour and design, symbolizes various aspects of each individual Faculty.