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September 2, 2014
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Student and HQP Supervision

 Last updated September 2013

I supervise undergraduate students (MA489 - Honours Seminar, NSERC USRAs, WLU Undergraduate RAs) and graduate students.  I also sometimes hire students, both undergraduate and graduate students, as contract research assistants to work on specific projects.  Please see the Student Recruiting section of my website for more information and potential opportunities.  Feel free to contact me (either by email or drop by my office) if you have any questions about working with me.


Graduate Students:

  • Amy Morin (MSc - Statistics)
  • Limeng Shi (MSc - Mathematics)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Laaraib Khattak (Summer 2014 undergraduate RA; jointly supervised with D. Kotsopoulos and C. Weatherby)
  • Jennifer Fox (MA489 Honours Seminar; jointly supervised with D. Kotsopoulos)


MSc Students:

  1. Philip Munz, "A Framework for Modelling Counts of Wildfire Ignitions with Applications to Forest Fires in Alberta, Canada", 2012-13.
  2. Hui Gao, "A Suite of R Functions for Fitting and Comparing Right-Skewed and Heavy-Tailed Wildfire Size Distributions", 2011-13 (jointly supervised with R.J. Kulperger).
  3. Shyam Dadimuni, "Exploring Forest Fire Ignition Data with Functional Data Analysis", 2011-12.
  4. Jisana Noorjahan, "Comparing the Power of Poisson and Logistic GLMs with an Application to People-caused Forest Fire Ignitions", 2011-12.
  5. Alisha Albert-Green, "A Nonparametric Framework for Quantifying Temporal Trends in the Seasonality of Forest Fire Risk", 2009-11 (jointly supervised with C.B. Dean).
  6. Kai Kan, "Modelling the Fire Weather Index with Autoregressive Processes", 2010-11 (jointly supervised with B.J. White; team project with Yi Wang).
  7. Yi Wang, "Modelling the Fire Weather Index with Autoregressive Processes" 2010-11 (jointly supervised with B.J. White; team project with Kai Kan).
  8. Jonathan Lee, "Forest Fire Risk Assessment in Muskoka", 2008-09 (jointly supervised with W.J. Braun).

Graduate RAs:

  1. Alisha Albert-Green.  U. Western Ontario, graduate RA.  Fall 2012.
  2. Vivien Wong.  Simon Fraser U., graduate RA (jointly supervised with C.B. Dean).  Summer 2008. 

NSERC USRA Students:

  1. Benjamin Skinner, "Risk Measures and Forest Fires", 2012.
  2. Priya Grewal, "A Comparison of Logistic-based Models for Large Forest Fire Ignitions", 2010.

Undergraduate RAs:

  1. Stephanie Krohn, "A Case-Control Study on the Effectiveness of Restricted Fire Zone", 2013.
  2. Benjamin Skinner, "Simulation for Total Area Burned by Forest Fires in Ontario", 2012-13.
  3. Devan Becker, "Exploring the Lifetimes of Forest Fires", 2012.
  4. Alisha Albert-Green, "Modelling the Ontario Fire Weather Index", 2008 (jointly supervised by W.J. Braun and D.L. Martell).
  5. Kimberly Bridge, "Analysis of Alberta Aspen Leaf-out and Weather Data", 2007 (jointly supervised by W.J. Braun and B.M. Wotton).

MA489 (Honours Projects):

  1. Devan Becker, "A Log-Linear Analysis of Forest Fires in Bayesian and Frequentist Frameworks", 2012-13.
  2. Lindsey Slade, "Introduction to Logistic Regression", 2012-13.
  3. Kyle Doherty, "Statistical Modelling Using Mixtures of Generalized Linear Models", 2011-12.
  4. Alana Lippert, "Kernel Smoothing", 2011-12.
  5. Amy Morin, "Life Contingencies", 2011-12.
  6. Helen Cheyne, "Option Pricing and Stock Simulation Using a Hidden Markov Model", 2010-11 (jointly supervised with Y.G. Lai).
  7. Priya Grewal, "An Introduction to Parametric and Nonparametric Regression", 2009-10 (jointly supervised with Z. Wang).

 Post-Grad Research Assistants:

  1. Denise Gutermuth.  July - August 2010.