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July 1, 2015

Canadian Excellence


Last updated April 2015.


Papers in Refereed Journals:

  1. Morin, A.A., Albert-Green, A., Woolford, D.G. and Martell, D.L. (2015). The use of survival analysis methods to model the control time of forest fires in Ontario, Canada. To appear in International Journal of Wildland Fire.
  2. Woolford, D.G., Dean, C.B., Martell, D.L., Cao, J. and Wotton, B.M. (2014). Lightning-caused Forest Fire Risk in Northwestern Ontario, Canada is Increasing and Associated with Anomalies in Fire-Weather. Environmetrics, 25, 406-416.
  3. Albert-Green, A., Braun, W.J., Martell, D.L. and Woolford, D.G. (2014). Visualization Tools for Assessing the Markov Property: Sojourn Times in the Ontario Fire Weather Index.Environmetrics, 25, 417-430.
  4. Drekic, S., Stanford, D.A., Woolford, D.G. and McAlister, V.C. (2014). A model for deceased-donor transplant queue waiting times. Queueing Systems. DOI:10.1007/s11134-014-9417-7
  5. Taylor, S.W., Woolford, D.G., Dean, C.B. and Martell, D.L. (2013). Wildfire prediction to inform fire management at multiple scales: statistical science challenges. Statistical Science, 28(4), 586-615.
  6. Savage, D.W., Woolford, D.G., Weaver, B. andWood, D. (2013). Developing Emergency Department Physician Shift Schedules Optimized to Meet Patient Demand. To appear in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine.
  7. Braun, W.J. and Woolford, D.G. (2012). Assessing a stochastic fire spread simulator. Journal of Environmental Informatics, 22(1), 1-12.
  8. Albert-Green, A., Dean, C.B., Martell, D.L., and Woolford, D.G. (2013). A Methodology for Investigating Trends in Changes in the Timing of the Fire Season with Applications to Lightning-Caused Forest Fires in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 43(1): 39-45.
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  10. Woolford, D.G., Bellhouse, D.R., Braun, W.J., Dean, C.B., Martell, D.L., and Sun, J. (2011). A spatio-temporal model for people-caused forest fire occurrence in the Romeo Malette forest. Journal of Environmental Statistics, 2: 1-26.
  11. Woolford, D.G., Cao, J., Dean, C.B. and Martell, D.L. (2010). Characterizing temporal changes in forest fire ignitions: looking for climate change signals in a region of the Canadian boreal forest. Environmetrics, 21, 789800. DOI:10.1002/env.1067.
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  20. Drekic, S. and Woolford, D.G. (2005). A preemptive priority queue with balking. European Journal of Operational Research, 164, 387401.

Refereed Book Chapters:

  1. Dean, C.B., Braun, W.J., Martell, D.L., and Woolford, D.G. (2012). Interdisciplinary Training in a Collaborative Research Environment. Chrisman and Wachowicz (Eds.), The Added Value of Scientific Networking: Perspectives from the GEOIDE Network Members 1998-2012. GEOIDE Network, Quebec, Canada.

Papers Submitted to Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  1. Weatherby, C., Kotsopoulos, D., Woolford, D.G. and Khattak, L. (2014). A cross-sectional analysis of post-secondary mathematics education practices at Canadian universities. Under revision.


  1. Woolford, D.G. and McLeod, A.I. 2011. One-Sample t-Test and Confidence Interval with Dot Chart in Small Samples. (Editorially Reviewed and Published on The Wolfram Demonstrations Project: TTestAndConfidenceIntervalWithDotChartInSmallSample)
  2. Woolford, D.G. and Braun, W.J. 2008. CHsharp: an R package for Choi and Hall clustering in 3D. (Uploaded to CRAN The Comprehensive R Archive Network;

The names of students and/or highly qualified personnel that I have supervised are underlined.