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November 24, 2014

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Residence Life

Going away to university can spark an avalanche of change in a student's life.† It may be the first time you have lived away from home, cooked your own meals or done your own laundry.† Most of our first-year students choose to ease into this new-found independence by living in one of our nineteen residence 1684_wlurez_065.jpgbuildings.†

Residence Style

Students live in one of two styles of residence; dormitory or apartment style. There are pros and cons to each style, but regardless of where you live, there will be a community of students experiencing first year at university just like you.

Dormitory style: Students are either in a single or double room, with a shared bathroom. In dormitory style, a meal plan is mandatory. †This style offers a great opportunity to get to know your entire community! Examples of dormitory buildings: Waterloo College Hall, Clara Conrad, Little House, MacDonald House, Euler/Leopold, King St. to name a few.

Apartment Style: Students can be in a single or double room in a self contained suite with a kitchen, living area and bathrooms. Meal plans are optional in this type of residence, as students have the ability to cook meals in the suites. This style offers a great blend between privacy and socializing with your neighbours. Examples of apartment style residences: University Place, Bricker Residence, Laurier Place to name a few.

The Don†

A Residence Life Don is an upper year student who lives on each floor. Their responsibility is to help facilitiate a smooth transition from high school to university for each student. The Don helps to promote personal growth and friendships by facilitating programing for their communities, creating mentoring relationships with their students, and promoting responsible behaviour. The Don acts as a social and academic role model for students and helps promote a community environment.

Residence†Learning Communities†

Our RLCs are designed to extend opportunities for learning and growth beyond the classroom to a select group of students who share common residential and personal interests.

Laurierís RLCs are situated on campus in our residence buildings. Living in an RLC is very similar to living in a traditional style residence community. The main difference is that the RLC Residence Life Dons tailor their programming initiatives to the theme of their community. As well, the students living in an LLC are given the opportunity to facilitate a more community-based approach to programming initiatives and activities with their fellow students.

For more information on RLCs, visit the Residence Life page.