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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
July 1, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Downtown BEAT Unit

The Brantford Police Service Better Enforcement Action Team (or B.E.A.T. Unit) is a section of the service which focuses primarily on community based policing within the downtown area of Brantford. The B.E.A.T. Unity is comprised of one Sergeant and six Constables:

  • Sergeant Charles Wheeler
  • Constable Grant Pitts
  • Constable Darryl Graham
  • Constable Kerry Drake
  • Constable Jason Davis
  • Constable Dave Parker
  • Constable John Hall

The B.E.A.T. Unit strives to develop community partnerships in the downtown core through visits to businesses in the downtown area, foot patrol and bicycle patrol. The goal is to develop community contacts and get to know business owners in the area and to promote the B.E.A.T. officers as a recognizable and visible asset to the downtown area.

Aside from regular patrols and community contacts, the B.E.A.T. Unit engages in several special projects on a regular basis to address concerns raised by residents and business owners in the downtown area. By maintaining strong community relations with the residents and business owners in the downtown area, coupled with the continued development and improvement in, the B.E.A.T. Unit is committed to ensuring the downtown continues to be an excellent, desirable and safe place to live and visit.