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September 21, 2014
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Tuition and Living Costs

Below is an outline of approximate university costs to help your son or daughter budget and plan effectively.

These are only approximate fees and may from program to program. Visit the Business Office for 2011-2012 fee information, due dates, payment options and tax receipt information.

Visit the Residential Services website for 2011-2012 proposed residence fees.

Dormitory Style Residence

 Tuition $5,448
 Residence (double) $4,805
 Incidental Fees $604
 Books $800
 Meal Plan B (regular) $3,300
 Clothing $600
 Travel $500
Personal (entertainment, hair, etc. at $250/month) $2,000




Apartment Style Residence

 Tuition $5,448
 Residence (single) $6,125
 Incidental Fees  $604
 Books  $800
 Meal Plan D (apartment) $1,200
 Groceries $2,400
 Clothing $600
 Travel $500
Personal (entertainment, hair, etc. at $250/month) $2,000