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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
June 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Life after Laurier

Shengkun Xie, MSc 2006 PhD program in Applied Statistics at University of Guelph
Candace Schneider, MSc 2006 Individual Actuarial Analyst, Equitable Life, Waterloo
Denise Gutermuth, MSc 2007 Mathematics Lab Supervisor at Wilfrid Laurier University
Jing Wang, MSc 2007 MSc program in Computational Engineering at McMaster University
Jasmine Kohli, MSc 2008 Financial Analyst, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Toronto
Laleh Samarbakhsh, MSc 2008 PhD program in Management (Financial Economics) at Wilfrid Laurier University
Xiaojing Xi, MSc 2008 PhD program in Applied Mathematics (Financial Mathematics) at University of Western Ontario
Kaijie Cui, MSc 2009 PhD program in Mathematics and Statistics (Financial Mathematics) at University of Calgary
Keang Ly, MSc 2009 MA program in Economics at University of Waterloo
Sara Vakilian, MSc 2009 Valuation Analyst at Manulife Financial, Waterloo
John Talboom, MSc 2010 PhD program in Mathematics at Carleton University
Ming Bao, MSc 2010 PhD program in Applied Mathematics (Mathematical Biology) at University of Western Ontario
Mohamed Bendame, MSc 2010 PhD program in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at University of Waterloo
Andrey Vasilyev, MSc 2010 Quant at National Bank of Canada, Toronto
Heard on the street

I chose the program because it offered a great opportunity to learn how mathematics is applied to science and finance. The courses were interesting and challenging, and the faculty are knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of the students.

-- Denise Gutermuth, MSc 2007

The master program in Mathematics at Laurier has provided comprehensive training and supports throughout the years. I gained new perspectives and had the opportunity to prove and polish my research skills. My professors coached me and encouraged me through the development of my research.  From the studies, I’ve learned more than the `right answers’; I’ve learned to ask the `right questions’.

-- Xiaojing Xi, MSc 2008

Being a graduate student in the Mathematics department with its friendly, knowledgeable and supportive faculty members was a great experience for me. My master’s degree has played a key role in my career as an analyst.

-- Sara Vakilian, MSc 2009

Laurier was a great place to learn, and in my case at least, it definitely opened up new windows of opportunities. Laurier offers an array of interesting math subjects, topics such as Monte Carlo methods, Multiple Criteria Decision analysis, optimization, financial math, and math modeling, to name but a few, are the backbone of many real-world applications. But what I will remember most from my time at Laurier is the teaching staff, they were simply brilliant.

-- Mohamed Bendame, MSc 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed my graduate school experience at Wilfrid Laurier. The mathematics department has a very welcoming atmosphere. Faculty members have an open door policy and took time to assist students with any questions they might have, and meet their individual needs. I was very satisfied with the guidance I received from my research supervisor. Any time I needed to drop by Dr. Zhao’s office to discuss my research, I always felt that as his student my time was given priority. The mathematics department offered excellent graduate student workspaces to each student. Each student workspace has its own computer workstation, as well as wireless internet, which made studying at school very convenient. The buildings and classroom facilities are very modern and professional, which made it enjoyable to be on campus. Teaching assistantship duties were very well organized, and very accommodating to the life of a busy graduate student.

-- John Talboom, MSc 2010