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September 23, 2014
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Deferred Examination Request

Information for students on deferred exam requests


Final examinations are a mandatory part of most courses. Students are expected to write the final examination for a course as scheduled by the Examinations Office. Should a student: 1) not be available to write the examination at the scheduled time due to documented extenuating circumstances, or 2) miss a final examination, the student must petition to the Petitions Committee in the academic unit in which the course is offered (not the one in which the student is registered).

For courses offered by departments in the Faculty of Science (Course codes: AS, BI, CH, CP, HE, KP, MA, PC, PS, SC) a student must submit a petition to the Faculty of Science Associate Dean:Student Services for deferred examination privileges. The request form for a deferred final examination is available on-line (via link below). To facilitate the processing of the deferred examination request, and to assist the Associate Dean (or designate)/Petitions Committee in reaching a fair decision, it is necessary that extenuating circumstances and all related details be included, and that documentary evidence be presented where applicable.

It is recommended that students inform their course instructor as soon as possible that a deferred examination request has been submitted.

Scheduling accommodations for students registered to write their exams with Accessible Learning are now handled directly by a studentís ALC Consultant. A deferral request is no longer required for ALC exam scheduling accommodations (Faculty of Science only). Students registered with ALC, but who are requesting an exam deferral on grounds other than scheduling (i.e., illness, religious grounds, etc.), will still need to submit a deferral request to the Dean of Science Office.

For deferral requests based on medical grounds, students should make it their first priority to visit Health Services, their family physician, a walk-in clinic or the emergency room (as appropriate) to be examined by a physician and obtain medical documentation to support their appeal. 

Medical certificates must be signed and dated by the physician on the day of the final examination except in cases of serious illness (e.g,. mononucleosis or pneumonia) or surgery where the recovery time extends beyond the date of the examination.

The original Laurier Verification of Illness form (preferred) and/or an original medical certificate MUST be submitted with the deferred examination request as verification that the student is medically unfit to attend the examination as scheduled.

 Medical certificates MUST INCLUDE, the date(s) and time(s) you were examined by the physician, the date(s) of illness, the nature of the illness and the expected time of convalescence. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all requested information is included on their submitted Laurier Verification of Illness form/medical certificate.

 Deferral requests based on medical grounds will not be accepted PRIOR to the date of the examination (except in cases of serious illness or surgery as noted above).

 All medical certificates are subject to verification and approval. Failure to provide suitable medical documentation may result in a decision on the request being delayed, the appeal being closed or the request being denied.

Note that deferred examination requests based on medical grounds will not receive favourable consideration by the Faculty of Science Petitions Committee if a student writes another examination within 12 hours of the examination for which a deferral is being requested, unless justifiably accounted for in the petition.

Completed petitions are to be submitted in person to the Dean of Science Office (N1048).  If circumstances do not allow submission of the original form in person in a timely manner, the petition may be scanned ( or faxed (Fax # 519-884-0464, Attention: Academic Advisor) to the Dean of Science office to initiate the request process. A final decision will not be made until the original signed form and original supporting documentation is received. Failure to provide the originals in a timely manner may result in the appeal being closed.

A $58.45 non-refundable fee will be charged to your WLU student account for each examination deferred (some exceptions apply). Grades will not be released if you have any outstanding charges against your account.

The decision of the Associate Dean/Petitions Committee will be conveyed via your myLaurier e-mail address ONLY. If you are expecting a response from the Associate Deanís Office, you must check your myLaurier account on a regular basis.

University regulations stipulate that a final examination for any course cannot be deferred more than twice. Students may receive a maximum of five examination deferrals during the completion of their degree.

If you wish advice concerning your request or you wish to discuss your case in person, arrange an appointment with the Faculty of Science academic advisor, Maureen Coulter. Use the self-booking system below. You will need your email login and password to book an appointment.  Phone appointments are also available.  Book an appointment as usual and indicate in the description area a phone number where you can be reached during that time.

To see an academic advisor, you can book an appointment online with Maureen Coulter (click HERE).

If you have a general question for which an appointment is not necessary, email:

Fraudulent information and / or altered supporting documents provided on or with your petition is considered a serious academic offense and will result in immediate denial of your petition. Allegations of academic misconduct will also be considered by the Associate Dean: Student Services for possible further penalties under the WLU Student Code of Conduct and Discipline.

Deferred Examination Request Form: Once you have read and understood the procedures described above, print and submit the 1-2 page form that applies to your circumstances. Note that incomplete forms or a failure to provide suitable documentation may result in a decision on the request being delayed, the appeal being closed or the request being denied.

Verification of Illness Form

Deferred Final Examination FAQs