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April 1, 2015

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Internal Grants and Awards

University Research Professor

Charity Parr-Vasquez

published: 2014 | Procedure | grant application

University Research Professor

Nominations due September 30


The position of University Research Professor was created:

1. to recognize and reward a continuous record of outstanding scholarship or creativity by a full-time member of the WLU faculty

2. to enable an accomplished scholar or composer to complete a major program or piece of research

3. to emphasize the importance of research at WLU and to highlight and promote the achievements of our outstanding scholars.


Applicants must have achieved a continuous record of scholarly excellence over an extended period of time as exemplified by receiving external grants, publishing in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, having books or monographs published by scholarly presses, presenting invited lectures at scholarly conferences, and/or receiving scholarly honours.

Given the high standards of achievement necessary to apply for this position, an award may not be made every year. A successful applicant cannot apply for the position until ten years have elapsed since the previous application.

Note: Faculty members may not apply directly for this award; they must be nominated. Department Appointment and Promotion Committees should, annually, review eligible candidates in the home department, and promote the nomination of colleagues. Similarly, Chairs and Deans should actively encourage nominations within the home academic unit.

The Award

The University Research Professor is funded by the Academic Development Program and administered by the Research Office. The award providesa$10,000.research grant and a two course remission.The name of the awardee will be engraved on the permanent University Research Professor plaque.

The University Research Professor will be honoured at Fall Convocation with a citation which highlights the scholarly accomplishments of the recipient, as well as his or her research agenda for the year of the award. The recipient will be permanently recognized in the University Calendars, and on a plaque displayed in The Concourse.

The appointee is required to present a public lecture during the year. This lecture is organized and hosted by the Office of Research.


Deadline Procedures
September 30

The nominator(s) must submit to the Vice-President: Research a brief statement of support and rationale as to why the nominee is a candidate.

The Vice-President: Research will inform the nominee and determine whether he or she wishes to be considered in the forthcoming competition.

October 30 If the nominee agrees, then he or she mustsubmit 1 hard copy and 1 electronic copy (to of the following information to the Vice-President: Research: a current CV;

1 page abstract

2 page statement of achievement
a detailed research proposal (including the objectives, scope, location, funding available, and proposed schedule of research), maximum 6 pages, 12 point font
The applicant must also forward the names of at least five (5) senior external referees who could comment on the career record of the nominee, as well as on the scholarly merit and feasibility of the proposed project(s) to the Vice-President: Research.The Vice-President: Research will contact referees in the order provided by the applicant to obtain three (3) references.

The Office of Research Services will send a copy of the application package to the Chairperson/Area Coordinator/Dean.
November 15 The Chairperson/Area Coordinator/Dean, after consultation with the department/area, will write a letter of support indicating whether the individual can be replaced for the year and why the applicant merits this honour. Where the Chairperson/Area Co-ordinator is a nominee, the Vice-President: Researchwill request another member of the academic unit to consult with the department/area. Letters of support are to be sent to the Vice-President: Research.

TheOffice of Research Services will forward applicationsto the appropriate Dean.
December 1 The Deans will also write a letter of recommendation for each candidate and forward the application to the Vice-President: Research.
January 30 The Vice-President: Research will select and chair an ad hoc interdisciplinary sub-committee of the WLU Grants Committee.

The Committee will review all applications and will submit a recommendation to the Vice-President: Academic. This recommendation should indicate the reasons for the decision.
March 1 All applicants are to be notified of the decision by the Vice President: Academic.

NOTE: If research funds beyond the current maximum amount for WLU Short-Term Grants are required to complete the proposed project(s), the applicant must currently hold or have applied for external research funds. An applicant appointed as University Research Professor is eligible to apply for WLU Research funds through the normal competitive process, and is strongly encouraged, while serving as University Research Professor, to prepare an application for SSHRC or NSERC funds in order to support future research.


The University Research Professor will submit a report to the Vice-President: Academic, with a copy to the Vice-President: Research. This two to three page report should outline the tasks completed, including the papers written, presented or published during the year as University Research Professor. The report should be submitted by November 1 following the year of the award.

Retention of Documentation for Subsequent URP Applications

If an applicant is not successful in a given year, the documentation may be kept on file for up to two years for use in a subsequent competition. However, the re-application can be revised, as necessary.

revised Sep 15/14

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