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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
November 28, 2014
Canadian Excellence

DESAC Priorities

The following are the priorities of DESAC:

1) To raise awareness about the Faculty of Science at Laurier to our external constituents: alumni, student recruits, friends, donors and academic partners within the regional, provincial, national & global communities;

2) To accelerate fundraising to support Faculty of Science priorities; and

3) To create and increase employment (e.g., co-op) and other experiential learning opportunities for Faculty of Science students.

To Raise Awareness about Laurier Science, DESAC members have been working to:

  • Define the key benefits of studying at, hiring students from, or donating to Laurier Science;
  • Contribute to developing and delivering external messaging about programs and priorities of Science as determined by the Faculty; and
  • Leverage personal networks to communicate this message; i.e., “open doors”.

To assist in Raising Funds for Laurier Science, DESAC members will:

  • Identify an event and/or events which will both help raise awareness and raise funds;
  • Identify a keynote speaker, with significant appeal to a wide audience;
  • Encourage participation in activities organized by the Alumni Association which include networking opportunities; and
  • Help identify and “open doors” to other Science alumni who may have capacity and desire to contribute to Laurier, both at the individual and corporate levels.

To support Employment and Experiential Learning Opportunities for Laurier Science students, including co-op, professional experience internships, service learning, volunteer, etc. opportunities, DESAC members will:

  • Help create a plan that will encourage new employment and student experiential learning opportunities; and
  • Communicate the value proposition message to applicable corporations and service providers.