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Residence Students


There are two styles of residence offered at Wilfrid Laurier University, Apartment and Dormitory Style. Dormitory Style Residences students have a choice of four (4) dining plans and they include: the Light Eater, Hearty Eater, Ultimate, or Freedom Dining Plan. Apartment Style Residences are automatically registered for the Apartment Comfort Dining Plan.

Dormitory style residence:                                                                             

Bouckaert Hall
Clara Conrad Hall
C.H. Little House
Euler / Leupold Residence
Macdonald House
Willison Hall
Waterloo College Hall
King Street

Apartment style residence:

Laurier Place Residence:
    St. Jacobs House
    St. Agatha House
    St. Clements House
    Heidelberg House
    Conestogo House
Bricker Residence
University Place Residence
209 Regina Street North
345 King Street North (King’s Court)
325 Spruce Street (Spruce Street Apartments)
50 Marshall Street
And other University owned properties that may be assigned for Residence use







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