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about your OneCard

The OneCard is one of the most important pieces of identification you will have while at Wilfrid Laurier University.

  • The OneCard is your complete access card to the Laurier Community
  • The OneCard is your Meal Plan card, Library card, Athletics Card and Bus Pass (Note: Bus Pass is only for full-time students)
  • The OneCard saves you money - purchase a dormitory meal plan or value plan on your OneCard, you save the 13 percent taxes on all purchases made at On Campus food outlets
  • The OneCard is flexible and convenient - personalize your Meal Plan by putting as much money as you want into your account
  • The OneCard is safe - if your card is lost or stolen, your account balance is protected from the time you report your card missing
  • The OneCard helps you budget - keep track of how much you spend and on what - textbooks, paper, pens, Tim Horton’s coffee, and a sweatshirt - with the OneCard, all of these items can be purchased hassle and worry free

Residence students who have a mandatory Dining Plan will use their OneCard as their meal card. Dining Plans allow students to purchase food from on campus locations including: The Fresh Food Company (Dining Hall), Harvey’s, Pizza Pizza, Williams, Mr. Sub, Union Market, Bento Sushi, Spring Rolls, Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Pita Shack, Subway, Second Cup and Wilf’s.


Students can also add money to the Convenience Account (there are no tax savings in this account). This account can be used at any of the designated food locations mentioned above in addition to the off-campus vendors. Some of these vendors include  Pizza Pizza, Montana's (The Boardwalk), Boston Pizza (Erb St.),  Swiss Chalet, Noodle Hut, WingsUp!, East Side Mario’s University Avenue West and Williams Coffee Pub . The Convenience Account can also be used for non-food purchases from Waterloo Taxi, International News, CCS Laser Printing, and The HUB Information & Copy Centre.


Students living off campus have the option to purchase a Value Meal Plan from the OneCard Office. Dormitory style meal plans and value plans will automatically receive tax savings of 13 percent (HST exempt) on all purchases made at on campus food outlets. Tax exemptions apply from September 1 to April 30.


Value Meal Plans can be purchased and additional money can be added throughout the year at the OneCard Office as well as online. When purchasing food, the amount is deducted from the balance and the new account balance is available upon request. Any balance remaining on a Value Meal Plan at the end of the selected plan will automatically be transferred to your Convenience Account. From May 15 - September 15, you may request a full refund by emailing the OneCard office ( Please contact the Business office at Service Laurier to find more information on refunds.

No one other than you may use your OneCard. Cards are non-transferable. If someone is found to be using your card, it will be confiscated and sent to the OneCard Office.

If a OneCard is lost or stolen, it is protected once it has been reported in person at the OneCard Office or online at Online Banking. OneCards that have been lost or stolen outside of office hours can be deactivated at any food service location On Campus, or the above website, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Replacement cards are $20 +HST.












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