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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you don’t find the answer to a question that you’re looking for visit the Ask a Question Section and we’ll be sure to get back to you with an answer.  

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Can I transfer between different accounts on my dining plan?
How do I obtain my OneCard?
Is there a fee for the OneCard?
If I run out of money on my OneCard, how can I add to my balance?
What if I want to put money on my card but the OneCard office is closed?
What happens if I lose my OneCard?
Is my Dining Plan refundable?
What happens to my money if I have a balance remaining at the end of the year?
What happens to my Board and Flex dollars after first year?
What if I need a special diet?
Can I take home food from The Fresh Food Company?
What is the daily menu at the Fresh Food Company?
What is the "Eating Period" at the Fresh Food Company?
Why are the tax savings requirements different?
Can I opt out of the second half of my required residence dining plan?
How do I save the HST?
Can I sell remaining or unwanted dining plan dollars to another student?
Does the Dining Hall renovation levy affect deposits into the convenience account?
Does the Dining Hall renovation levy affect me and how much is it?
If I run out of money in my dining plan account, can I access other accounts to pay for my food purchases?
Is the Dining Hall levy refundable?
When is the Dining Hall levy collected?
What happens if I have a mandatory dining plan and I withdraw from University after first semester?
What happens if I have a mandatory dining plan but I will not be coming back after first year?
What happens if I transfer from a dormitory style residence half way through the semester to either an apartment style or to an off-campus location?
Can the Flex dollars be used anywhere off campus?
I'm in an apartment style residence, but can I upgrade to a dormitory dining plan?
I am living in a dormitory style residence, can I switch to an apartment dining plan?
When can I start using my dining plan?
I am in an apartment style residence, what dining plan am I assigned?
I have a friend who is visiting; can I bring him/her to the Fresh Food Company for a meal?
What if I have a class conflict and need to miss a meal?
How do I get into The Fresh Food Company?
Where can I leave my backpack when I enter The Fresh Food Company?
If I buy something from a vendor and the point-of-sale is running offline, am I responsible for any charges incurred because I have spent too much?
Can the university use my OneCard picture?
How does OneCard protect my privacy and confidential information?
What PIN number do I need to use to make purchases at the Bookstore online?

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