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May 30, 2016
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Laurier Brantford

New process to apply to graduate launches August 1

Communications, Public Affairs & Marketing

Aug 1/14

Beginning August 1, students applying to graduate will do so using a real-time, streamlined process through LORIS.

After entering their program and other details, a graduation record will be created automatically and the convocation fee will be billed to the student account instantly. Application details can then be viewed immediately by both students and staff.

“This process gives students a real-time submission experience where they receive confirmation that their application has been submitted,” said Ruth MacNeil, acting university registrar. “It also eliminates the manual data entry associated with the former procedure. With more than 4,000 students applying to graduate each year, this will save time and reduce potential for error.”

The process allows the Registrar’s Office to track applications using reporting tools, and is coordinated with the information required for the convocation ceremony and degree printing.

The launch of the new process coincides with the deadline date for fall convocation, 2014. Applications will be accepted until October 1. In support of the new process, the late-fee penalty has been delayed by one week and will only apply to applications received after August 10.

Students will find the application to graduate by logging into LORIS and accessing the “LORIS Application to Graduate for Undergraduate and Graduate Students” under the “Student Services” tab. Students requiring support are asked to contact Service Laurier at


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