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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of the Registrar
September 18, 2014
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Oct 17/12 Financial Assistance for Fall 2012   Headline
Sep 5/12 Commissioner of Oaths   Headline
Jul 11/12 Fall Convocation 2012   Headline
Jun 27/12 Key Dates to Be Aware Of Over the Next Few Months   Headline
Jun 27/12 Headstart Sessions   Headline
Jun 27/12 New Year 1 Students - Registering for Courses Online   Headline
Jun 27/12 Register for Both Fall and Winter Terms Now   Headline
Jun 27/12 Registering in a Language Course (French, German, Spanish or Italian)   Headline
Jun 27/12 Calculus Preparation Evaluation (CPE) Test   Headline
Jun 27/12 Courses That Are Full   Headline
Jun 27/12 Completion of Financial Related Forms   Headline
Jun 27/12 MyLaurier Student Webmail Account   Headline
Jun 27/12 Financial Aid   Headline
Jun 27/12 Courses That Have Restrictions on Them   Headline
Jun 27/12 Student Financial Account Disclosure Form   Headline
Jun 27/12 Registration & Information Guide for Year 1 Students   Headline
May 31/12 Key Dates for Sprummer 2012   Headline
May 31/12 Winter Term 2012 Grades   Headline
May 31/12 Financial Assistance in Sprummer   Headline
May 31/12 Ontario Student Assistance Plan   Headline
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