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February 8, 2016

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Dec 1/15 Laurier studentsí 3D printing idea wins at IKEA Canada sustainability challenge News Release
Dec 1/15 Positive psychology certificate now available from Laurierís new Centre for Public Safety and Well-Being News Release
Nov 30/15 Laurier Professor Emeritus Barry Gough receives acclaim for history book on the British Royal Navy News Release
Nov 25/15 Brant News: New Laurier lab more than just fun and games News Release
Nov 19/15 Laurier BBA students compete to propose IKEA Canadaís next big sustainability push in first-ever competition News Release
Nov 18/15 Laurier researchers find outdoor skating at risk from climate change News Release
Nov 18/15 Laurier to host panel on the effects of climate change in Canadaís north News Release
Nov 18/15 The Expositor: Students get the refugee experience News Release
Nov 18/15 Itís Ďgame oní at Laurier Game Design programís new BGNlab News Release
Nov 10/15 Laurier to sponsor Syrian refugee families News Release
Nov 10/15 ĎBeautiful Destructioní author to speak at Laurier about Canadaís oil and tar sands News Release
Nov 6/15 Laurierís Brantford campus to host mock refugee camp News Release
Nov 6/15 Offering a radical new product feature? Laurier researchers say add it on, donít build it in News Release
Nov 6/15 Laurierís military centre explores the history of Waterloo Region in wartimes with new website News Release
Nov 6/15 Laurierís Lazaridis School of Business & Economics presents Economist-in-Residence Speaker Jeffry Frieden News Release
Nov 5/15 Laurier president forms Special Advisory Committee to recommend a way forward for PM statues project News Release
Nov 4/15 Laurierís Lazaridis School of Business & Economics presents Economic Outlook 2016 News Release
Nov 3/15 Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and Laurierís Office of Aboriginal Initiatives present Circle of Dialogue News Release
Nov 2/15 Opera Laurier celebrates 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Music with ĎItís my partyí performance News Release
Nov 2/15 Laurier announces winner of the Edna Staebler Award News Release
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