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April 30, 2016
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Dec 23/15 LCERPA Director Tammy Schirle featured in “Most Important Charts for the Canadian Economy in 2016   Headline
Dec 22/15 Physics professor Shohini Ghose featured in TEDx talk entitled "How quantum physics can help fight climate change".   Headline
Dec 17/15 Philosophy professor Cristi releases Second Edition of El pensamiento conservador en Chile and Nietzsche: On Theognis of Megara   Headline
Dec 17/15 SSHRC & NSERC funded researcher Jen Zhao seeks to better understand how global supply chains work   Headline
Dec 15/15 CIGI Chair and Laurier professor Simon Dalby calls for ‘Rethinking Canada after Paris’ climate change talks   Headline
Nov 30/15 Laurier Professor Emeritus Barry Gough receives acclaim for history book on the British Royal Navy   Headline
Nov 24/15 Scientific American: Laurier researchers study permafrost melt and risks of runaway global warming   Headline
Nov 20/15 CTV Toronto: Laurier study finds climate change could shut down outdoor skating rinks   Headline
Nov 20/15 The Globe and Mail: How to make self-driving cars seem less risky and radical   Headline
Nov 20/15 570 News: Climate change posing threat to Canada's North according to Laurier panel   Headline
Nov 9/15 Town Hall with SSHRC President Dr. Ted Hewitt   Headline
Nov 6/15 Marta Marin-Domine joins Think Tank for “ Project for the implementation of a Politics of Memory for the City Council of Barcelona”   Headline
Nov 5/15 Laurier researchers shed light on ways to improve the international student experience   Headline
Oct 28/15 Philosopher Byron Williston provides insight on climate change and the Syrian refugee crisis   Headline
Oct 21/15 Audra L. Mitchell appointed Laurier’s new CIGI Chair in Global Governance and Ethics   Headline
Oct 21/15 Alison Blay-Palmer appointed CIGI Chair in Sustainable Food Systems   Headline
Oct 19/15 Lazaridis School Scholars win Research Excellence Award   Headline
Oct 19/15 Dr. Nicole Coviello receives Lazaridis School Senior Research Excellence Award   Headline
Oct 19/15 Fair Elections Act could affect voter turn out says political scientist Brian Tanguay   Headline
Oct 7/15 Laurier research team investigates how to make concussions safer   Headline
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