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January 27, 2015
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Dec 2/13 Dr. Schwieter awarded MBA and inducted into leadership honour society   Headline
Dec 2/13 Dr. Jane Newland's new article:   Headline
Dec 2/13 Dr. Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts selected as one of the first Laurier’s Teaching Fellows   Headline
Nov 11/13 Dr. John Schwieter appointed new editor-in-chief of the "Bilingual Processing and Acquisition" scholarly book series   Headline
Nov 7/13 Memory on Film   Headline
Nov 6/13 Review of the Center for the Study of the Literatures and Arts of North Africa   Headline
Oct 31/13 "Day of the Dead"   Headline
Oct 30/13 Exchange / Summer Programme Opportunities to German Speaking Countries   Headline
Oct 28/13 Convocation Fall 2013   Headline
Oct 24/13 SP200*: Study Abroad in Spain for 1.0 credit in Summer 2014!   Headline
Oct 18/13 Hispanic Cultural Forum   Headline
Oct 18/13 Public lecture by Milo Sweedler on The Act of Killing   Headline
Oct 17/13 Meet the Profs event   Headline
Oct 16/13 Kaffee - Fest   Headline
Sep 19/13 Soirée crêpes à la Maison française a great success.   Headline
Jun 25/13 SP200: Study Abroad--Another successful year   Headline
Jun 11/13 The fun of achieving. The Annual Senior (11/12) German High School Contest 2013   Headline
Jun 10/13 Languages and Literatures Class of 2013   Headline
Jun 4/13 "On the occasion of the opening of the exhibit The Shoah in Europe,   Headline
May 27/13 Dr. Schwieter publishes book “Innovative research and practices in second language acquisition and bilingualism”   Headline
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