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May 23, 2015
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Business: Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management (OB/HRM) Area

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Aug 23/13 Congratulations to Teodora Trifan: SSHRC Recipient   Headline
Aug 23/13 Congrats to Diana Mavarani and Kyle Brykman: Our Newest MSc Graduates!   Headline
Aug 23/13 Another successful Academy of Management Conference for OB/HRM!   Headline
Jul 2/13 Research Tidbit: Stand Up Against Workplace Abuse   Headline
May 24/13 Research Tidbit: Cultural Intelligence Helps Culturally Heterogeneous Teams, But It Hurts Culturally Homogeneous Teams!   Headline
May 24/13 Research Tidbit: When is Revenge a “Moral” Response to Mistreatment?   Headline
May 24/13 Research Tidbit: Are Your Employees Withholding Their Ideas? The Bottom-Line is Not the Only Thing Being Hurt.   Headline
Mar 25/13 Research Tidbit: Lunch Break Recovering or Fatiguing– Depends on How Much Control You Perceive to Have Over Your Lunch Break!   Headline
Mar 25/13 Research Tidbit: When and why do teams behave badly and what can managers do about it? New research challenges the assumption that employee autonomy is always a good thing.   Headline
Mar 22/13 Research Tidbit: Despite the Common Misconception, Reference Checking Is Useful! It Just Depends on How You Do It   Headline
Feb 14/13 Congrats to Jessie Zhan - Winner of the Reviewer of the Year Award (Journal of Business & Psychology)   Headline
Jan 15/13 Research Tidbit: Making Decisions for Post-Retirement Employment   Headline
Jan 12/13 Research Tidbit: Toxic Emotions in the Workplace – Why Negative Emotions Can Have Harmful Consequences   Headline
Nov 3/12 Welcome to Francisca Sousa   Headline
Oct 26/12 Congratulations to OB/HRM's Newest MSc Grads   Headline
Oct 23/12 Annika Hillebrandt Wins Gold Medal for Academic Excellence   Headline
Oct 2/12 Congratulations to Dr. Jessie Zhan   Headline
Sep 9/12 PhD Student Dave Whiteside publishes in the Journal of Business Ethics   Headline
Aug 12/12 OB/HRM takes Academy of Management Conference By Storm!   Headline
Apr 16/12 Congratulations to Dave Whiteside: Recipient of the Best Masters Research in Canada Award   Headline
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