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August 28, 2015
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Mar 31/14 Congratulations to recent student award winners !   Headline
Mar 4/14 Climate change expert visits Laurier to explore why we aren’t fighting extreme climate change   News Release
Feb 11/14 Congratulations to Abdus Sabur, GSA researcher of the Month   Headline
Jan 13/14 Dr. Dmitri Gusev Greener Methods: Ester Hydrogenation   Headline
Dec 6/13 Dr. Stephen MacNeil one of Laurier's inaugural Teaching Fellows   Headline
Dec 2/13 Dr. Scott Smith featured in The Globe and Mail's "Innovation Report" special (page 9)   Headline
Nov 25/13 Dr. Michael Suits featured in "The Record" article about a new laurier ‘matchmaking’ program pairing entrepreneurial students with lab technologies   Headline
Oct 22/13 Dr. Stephen MacNeil featured in Globe and Mail article on "flipped" classrooms   Headline
Jun 4/13 Laurier aquaculture work featured in "Copper in Aquaculture"   Headline
May 27/13 Former Laurier Chemistry Student 'Dr. Yardley’ is becoming a homegrown physician   Headline
Mar 8/13 Hot Paper: Replacing Phosphorus with Sulfur for the Efficient Hydrogenation of Esters Denis Spasyuk, Samantha Smith and Dmitry G. Gusev   Headline
Nov 22/12 Two Laurier Award Winners at IDW Inorganic Discussion Weekend   Headline
Nov 22/12 GreenCentre Canada licenses hydrogenation catalysts developed at Laurier   Headline
Nov 13/12 Research Centre for Women in Science   Headline
Sep 21/12 Highlighting recent MSc graduates   Headline
Sep 20/12 Dr. MacNeil OCUFA Teaching Award Winner!   Headline
Sep 20/12 Welcome Una Adamcic-Bistrivoda, Laboratory Technician for CH110/111 at Brantford Campus   Headline
Sep 13/12 Welcome new MSc students!   Headline
Sep 13/12 Welcome Dr. Quinn Major!   Headline
Jun 29/12 Congratulations to the Department of Chemistry graduates, Spring 2012   Headline
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