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July 24, 2014
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Hind A. Al-Abadleh

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Feb 10/14 Special thanks to sponsors of inaugural public event of the Sustainability Office   News
Feb 8/14 Essential Read from Science Magazine: Scientific Diversity Interventions   Headline
Feb 8/14 Willie receives $1000 scholarship from FOSSA - Congratulations Willie   Headline
Feb 4/14 By ES&T Editor-in-Chief "How to feed 10 billion?"   News
Jan 30/14 Al-Abadleh invited to give a seminar at the University of Saskatchewan   News
Jan 29/14 Sabur was selected as 'February's Researcher of the Month' by WLU Graduate Students Association..Congratulations Sabur   Headline
Jan 11/14 State of research in atmospheric chemistry and the way forward   News
Dec 11/13 Latest open access paper from Dr. James Hansen, former director of NASA assessing "dangerous climate change"   Headline
Dec 4/13 Cool video for a new technology to desalinate water   Headline
Dec 2/13 Our most recent paper in atmospheric chemistry just accepted in Environmental Science and Technology   News
Nov 29/13 Laurier researchers featured in The Globe and Mail's "Innovation Report" special   News
Nov 27/13 A Science article: "Plodding Progress for Women, Minorities in Science"   Headline
Nov 24/13 Read here for highlights from Bob McDonald's talk on 'Planet Ocean' today at the MUSEUM   Headline
Nov 19/13 Al-Abadleh's research 'business card'...nicely done by the designers at the Research Office   News
Nov 17/13 In one slide, Alanna Mitchell showed humans impact on the planet   News
Nov 10/13 Some highlights from the Nano Ontario Conference at Queen's   Headline
Oct 14/13 Learn about the "Precautionary Principle" to become grounded in your thinking and response to climate change (4 min video)   News
Oct 14/13 A must-read article on how humans perceive risk under conditions of uncertainty from Chemical and Engineering News   News
Oct 7/13 Save the Date - March 6, 2014 - lecture and book signing by Tom Rand from MaRS   Headline
Sep 22/13 Happening these days in New York City: International Women's Earth and Climate Initiative   News
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