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June 28, 2016

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Office of Aboriginal Initiatives

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Oct 17/14 Laurier's Office of Aboriginal Initiatives welcomes new Aboriginal Events Support Coordinator Headline
Sep 24/14 Laurier's Office of Aboriginal Initiatives welcomes new Aboriginal Students Recruitment and Outreach Officer Headline
Sep 24/14 Dissertation Examination for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work Headline
Sep 9/14 Office of Aboriginal Initiatives 2014 - 2015 Viewbook Headline
Aug 1/14 POSTING: Waterloo campus: Aboriginal Student Centre Leadership Team - Job Descriptions for 2014-2015 Headline
Jul 30/14 Laurier Hosts Reconciliation Dialog and Discusses the Idea of Shared Healing Headline
Jul 15/14 Brown Bag Reading Group Headline
Jul 14/14 Laurier's Office of Aboriginal Initiatives welcomes new professor to the Waterloo campus Headline
Jun 19/14 Two Row Times: Adam Beach receives honorary doctorate Headline
May 26/14 Representatives from Laurier Journey North on the 2nd Annual Indigenous Journey Headline
May 16/14 Waterloo Lutheran Seminary to host discussion on Canadaís Truth and Reconciliation Commission Campus Update
May 9/14 CBC features MSW AFS students Lila Bruyere and Shawn Johnston Headline
Apr 24/14 Actor Adam Beach and philanthropist Walter Gretzky among honorary degree recipients at Laurier convocation News Release
Mar 31/14 People as Books! The first Indigenous Living Library event Hosted at Laurierís Waterloo Campus Headline
Mar 27/14 CBC Radio Interview with Shawn Johnston, Vigil for Loretta Saunders Headline
Mar 17/14 Office of Aboriginal Initiatives Celebrates Student Bursary Recipients of the SUNDANCe Award Notice
Mar 14/14 University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University celebrate World Water Day with day of events News Release
Mar 10/14 Radio Documentary: Reclaiming Education: Bridging the Gap between Generations (with Shawn & Rachael) Headline
Mar 10/14 CBC Radio Interview with Shawn & Rachael (Moccasin Tales on Laurier Radio) Headline
Feb 28/14 Aboriginal Awareness Week Headline
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