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June 27, 2016

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Apr 27/14 IIROC announces academics, including FSRC Finance professor Andriy Shkilko, for HFT impact analysis Headline
Mar 21/14 Study titled "Diversification through Catastrophe Bonds: Lessons from the Subprime Financial Crisis" by P. Carayannopoulos and F. Perez has been accepted by the Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Headline
Feb 11/14 A study titled "Do Insider Brokers Tip Other Clients?" by W. McNally, A. Shkilko, and B. Smith has won an award from the American Association of Individual Investors Headline
Oct 8/13 Brian Smith named BMO Financial Group Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance Headline
Oct 4/13 A study titled "Quote intensity and market quality: Effects of the SEC naked access ban" by Andriy Shkilko and Konstantin Sokolov featured in the Themis Blog Headline
Sep 30/13 A study titled "Human capital loss in corporate bankruptcy" by Si Li has won the Northern Finance Association best paper award in corporate finance Headline
Sep 7/13 A study titled "Does Increased Competition Affect Credit Ratings? A Reexamination of the Effect of Fitch's Market Share on Credit Ratings in the Corporate Bond Market" by Jin Wang has been accepted by the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis Headline
Aug 21/13 A study titled "Did CDS trading improve the market for corporate bonds?" by Madhu Kalimipalli and Subhankar Nayak has been accepted by the Journal of Financial Economics Headline
Aug 16/13 Laurier Finance area named among the top three most productive in Canada by the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences Headline
Aug 2/13 Laurier's Master of Finance program enjoys 100% placement rates fourth year in a row Headline
Jul 30/13 Will McNally and Brian Smith interviewed by the Calgary Herald regarding the ongoing Genesis proxy fight Headline
Apr 23/13 Congratulations to Kalimipalli, Nayak, and Perez Headline
Apr 23/13 Congratulations to Si Li Headline
Mar 19/13 Congratulations to Will McNally, Andriy Shkilko and Brian F. Smith Headline
Mar 19/13 Congratulations to Si LI Headline
Mar 19/13 Congratulations to Madhu Kalimipalli and Subh Nayak Headline
Dec 14/12 Congratulations to Ben Amoako-Adu, recipient of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Headline
Dec 5/12 Congratulations to Phelim Boyle on his forthcoming paper in the Journal of Risk and Insurance Headline
Dec 5/12 Madhu Kalimipalli Interviews on the Volatility Exchange (VOLX) Radio Headline