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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
June 30, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Business: Organizational Behaviour/Human Resource Management (OB/HRM) Area

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Jul 3/15 SBE's OB/HRM Department Ranked 2nd in Canada Headline
Jun 6/15 Congrats to Anja Krstic! Recipient of the RHR Kendall Award! Headline
Jun 4/15 Congrats to Dr. Dave Whiteside Headline
Jun 4/15 Research Tidbit: Too Drained to Help? Headline
Jun 4/15 Research Tidbit: Aiming to Recruit Retirees Back to the Workplace? Target the Right People! Headline
Oct 5/14 OB/HRM Runs for A Cure! Headline
Oct 5/14 New OB/HRM Bulletin is Available Headline
Sep 14/14 Dr. Ivona Hideg's Research Profiled in the Globe and Mail Headline
Sep 13/14 Help OB/HRM Fight Breast Cancer! Headline
Jul 24/14 Congrats to Ivona Hideg: Winner of the OB Outstanding Reviewer Award Headline
Jul 18/14 Financial Times features SBE researcher in article "Paranoia at work is out to get you" Headline
Apr 15/14 Congrats to our ASAC Best Paper Award Winners! Headline
Apr 15/14 Congrats to Dave Whiteside: Winner of the "GSA Researcher of the Year" Headline
Apr 15/14 Congrats to Laurie Barclay: Winner of a Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management Headline
Apr 15/14 Congrats to Dave Whiteside: Recipient of an OGS Scholarship Headline
Apr 15/14 Welcome to Dr. Xi Chen Headline
Dec 27/13 Dr. Laurie Barclay Discusses Open Letter to BlackBerry Employees from John Chen Headline
Dec 27/13 Congrats to Sarah Vermunt: Our Latest Graduate from the MSc Program! Headline
Dec 27/13 Lisa Kuron (PhD Candidate) Publishes in Journal of Organizational Behavior Headline
Dec 3/13 Congrats to Dave Whiteside: Showcased for Research Excellence at Laurier Headline
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