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February 11, 2016
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BalancePro - Where to buy Guide

The Balancing Enhancing Insert

Feb 18/10


The balance enhancing insert!

Thousands of pressure sensors on the soles of our feet provide information that help balance our body weight. As we age, we lose sole sensitivity. As our feet lose sensitivity our risk of falling increases. BalancePro enhances sensory perception on the soles of your feet, thus improving balance.

• Proven to help your balance
• Simple solution to insensitive feet
• Not recommended for diabetes sufferers
• May help to reduce falls

• Compact patented design to heighten foot sensation



Inserts can be trimmed for optimum fit:
Trim size instructions in package
Four sizes available
Two insoles per package
Inserts can be moved from one pair
of shoes to another
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Case Study:
Study conclusion: The insole improves balance and helps prevent senior citizens from falling.
Researcher: Stephen Perry, a professor in Wilfrid Laurier University's kinesiology and physical education department.
Study focus: Perry co-invented the new shoe insole called the BalancePro.

It's a simple shoe insole that has a slight ridge along its outer edge to alert seniors when they are losing their balance. Perry hopes it will greatly reduce the number of fall-related injuries among older adults. "As we age, we lose sensation in the soles of our feet, which can cause poor balance and an increased risk of falling," Perry said. "The BalancePro insole helps to enhance the sole's sensory perception. When you feel the insole's ridge, you subconsciously know that you are unbalanced and adjust your body movements accordingly."  In the trials, a group of seniors aged 65 to 75 who wore BalancePro for 12 weeks had half the number of falls than a second group that did not wear the insoles.




The BalancePro is distributed by the BalancePro Inc.

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