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February 6, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Dr. William McTeer - recipient of Hoffman-Little Award for Teaching Excellence
Dr. William McTeer - recipient of Hoffman-Little Award for Teaching Excellence


Kinesiology & Physical Education

Dr. William McTeer honoured with Hoffman-Little Award

Excellence in Teaching and Professional Endeavour

May 7/08

The Hoffman-Little Award is named after two very instrumental people - Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Little, both men were two very distinguished and involved members of the university community.

On May 5, 2008,Dr. William McTeer was honoured and was presented with the Hoffman-Little Award by Scott Bebenek '85 during the 2008 Alumni Association Awards of Excellence Dinner.

Dr. William McTeer began his time at Laurier in the mid 70's as a Physical Education Instructor and assistant football coach. During the 80's, Bill was instrumental in developing the foundation and core curriculum of the Kinesiology and Physical Education program, the essence of which is still in place today. Among his contributions was an emphasis on a student-centered approach to teaching including limited class sizes, the promotion of applied and hands on learning and the development of strong instructor-student relationships in all classes. Dr. Bill McTeer has served as an inspiration and mentor to many students during this time at Laurier. He possesses the very best qualities of a university professor: concern and respect for students, an emphasis on quality and currency of course content and real world applications or course material.

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