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December 22, 2014

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Teaching Assistants and H1N1

Sep 30/09

* This message is from the Faculty of Graduate Studies *

To all graduate students,

If a teaching assistant has flu or flu-like symptoms, s/he should stay at home. No pay will be deducted for time off sick. Normally, upon return a TA will be required to meet the responsibilities of the position as defined in the TA job responsibilities form. Exceptional circumstances may result in a review of this requirement.

TAs should encourage the students they teach to take appropriate steps to stay healthy (handwashing, covering coughs) and to go home when sick.

Joan E. Norris, Ph.D., CPsych.
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5
519-884-0710 ext.3324

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