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February 28, 2015

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Learning and Organizational Development

Upcoming Management Workshops

Mar 7/13

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Managing Transitions
The ability to manage transitions is often noted as one of the core competencies of today's leaders. This workshop is designed to provide leaders with specific tools and a framework to help effectively implement the change and manage transitions for the people impacted. (Details)

Conflict Management Skills
When conflict goes off the rails, it challenges the best of us. When we are responsible for managing the resolution of that conflict - especially in contexts where resolution seems impossible to reach - we often doubt our own skills and struggle to feel confident in the decisions we are making. This one day workshop will consider the traps and possibilities that emerge when leading groups encountering conflict. (Details)

Five Waves of Trust
In today's increasingly global marketplace, a premium is placed on true collaboration, teaming, relationships and partnering, and all these interdependencies require trust. One of the major reasons employees leave a company is due to lack of trust in their relationship with their direct manager or supervisor. Having strong, effective skills to build trust in today's workplace is recognized as not only a valuable leadership asset, but as a key competency Great leaders don't dictate; they influence. Influence comes from a leader's ability to engender credibility and inspire people to both believe them and believe in them. (Details)

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