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April 24, 2014
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Dr. Andrew Robinson
Dr. Andrew Robinson


Recruitment & Admissions Office - Brantford Campus

A passion for human rights

May 21/08

Dr. Andrew Robinson’s passion for the Human Rights and Human Diversity program stands out, even through the computer screen from our email correspondence. 

The combined Honours program, is one of the newest additions to Laurier Brantford’s growing course offerings.  Dr. Robinson feels this program will bring many new and innovative ideas, knowledge, and students to this already exciting campus, and I have to agree.

“I think it is already having the effect of strengthening, focusing, and diversifying some of the interests and initiatives that are already reflected on campus,” said Robinson.

He tells me more about what the program has to offer, especially with respect to the interests already evident here on campus. By the sounds of it, it’s a perfect fit.

“The idea of human rights provides a framework for students to learn and practice how they can take their concerns about justice and make an impact on the world,” he said, adding, “The aim is to provide students with a firm grounding in the range of legal matters, institutions, and issues that are shaping relations of justice and diversity.”

A dynamic program such as this could lead the way to numerous fascinating career opportunities.          

“For some, their studies will provide a solid foundation upon which to advance human rights and respect for diversity through careers in law, journalism, government, and non-governmental organizations,” said Robinson. “For others, having a good understanding of issues related to rights and diversity will be of use in the workplace in a wide range of careers including education, human resources, health care, sales and marketing. Others still may choose to follow the graduate school route to jobs in public policy, research, or academia.”

From my interview with Dr. Robinson, I understand why passion is so important in an area of study like this.
Not only does he care about this program, he admires that same quality in his students, saying that when a student is passionate about his/her area of study, that is what sets them apart from the rest of the class.

“Students like this usually bring home the As, [and are some of the] most exciting students to teach.”


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