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July 3, 2015

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Criminology Student Association - 3rd Annual Conference

Presentations and Winners

Mar 7/14

Every Laurier Brantford student who has declared Criminology as their major is automatically enrolled in the CSA. This student-led association is here for a variety of reasons, as taken from our constitution:

The objectives of the CSA are:

1. To represent and promote the academic welfare interests of the CSA's members to the department of Criminology, the Laurier Brantford community as a whole.

2. To stimulate and promote criminological inquiry.

3. To provide an organized body through which criminology students may actively participate in university affairs.

4. To provide students with an opportunity to explore various aspects of criminology as these relate to career possibilites and community engagement initiatives.

Congratulations must be extended to the Criminology Student Association executive for another great Conference that was held on March 5th and 6th in the SC Johnson building.

Our key-note speaker, Jane Doe, wasinspiring in discussing 'The (Mis)use of Technology in Sexual Assault Investigations' and giving us some insight as to her personal experiences. Congratulations must also be extended toour wonderfulCriminologystudents who competed with their presentations.

Winners of the presentation competion were:

$1000 - First Prize - Victoria Readings

$500 - Second Prize - Lauren Darby

$250- Third Prize - Mansi Prasher, Nadia Maharaj and Peter Stypa

Thanks must also be given to our Judgeswho had a very difficult time deciding the winners as they were all exemplary! Theywere (in alphabetical order)- Dr. Raymond Izarali, Dr. Debra Langan, Carla Lopez, Dr. Patricia O'Reilly and Tim Wykes.

Your 2013-2014 CSA Executive Members are:

President - Chelsey Kerr

Vice President - Anne Muniandy

Secretary - Meghan Jane Wendland

Treasurer - Kaitlyn Baron

Public Relations Co-Ordinator - Irene Elatrash

Public Relations Officer - Megan Milligan

Public Relations Officer - Kathrine Dellacroce

Public Relations Officer - Jasmine Singh

Social Media Coordinator - Stephen Creed

Photographer - Harshna Sharma

We would like to acknowledge our student presenters and to extend our many thanks for doing so. They are: (in alphabetical order)

Lauren Darby - 'Chemical Incapacitation for Male Sex-Offenders'

Aquisha Lewis - 'Sine quo non- Profits, Food and the Law'

Gordon Nicholson - 'Titanic - Tragedy or Manslaughter?'

Mansi Prasher, Nadia Maharaj, and Peter Stypa - Documentary on the Concept of Corporate greed (White Collar Crime)

Victoria Readings- 'The Dangerous Connection: Animal Cruelty and Violent Crime'

Jennie Rideout and Keyena Smith - 'Peacemaking Criminology: A Mindful Approach Justice'

Jo-Anne Lawless (MA-SJCE candidate) and Carla Lopez (MA-CC Candidate) - 'AlterNative Perceptions: Media Portrayals of Aboriginal Persons in the Prison System'

Conceptualizing Research Projects: Masters Students in Criminology Shared Their Experiences

Undergraduate criminology students at Laurier Brantford are often curious about what a Masters degree in criminology entails. The scholarly literature reveals that undergraduate students' transition to research higher degrees in enhanced by makng resources available, providing support structures, and fostering a sense of belonging within the research environment (Johnston & Broda 1996: Lovitts 2005, as noted in Shaw et al 2013,716). This poster session provided an opportunity for undergraduate students to talk with first-year Criminology Masters students at Laurier Brantford about how they came to choose their research topics and how they plan to do their research. Highlighting the early, decision-making context of research projects provided an important frame of reference for undergraduate students who are considering graduate education.

Jeff Parker - "No More Mind Games: An Analysis of the 'Concussion Problem' in the National Football League"

Katy Rozad, Olena Beshley, Amy Henry and Gabriella Leone - "Navigating the Balance: The Graduate Experience"

Krystle Shore - "Choosing a Research Trajectory"

Crystal Weston - "Criminology Master's Thesis: Research Proposal"


Thanks again to everyone who was on the Criminology Student Association Executive this year for another great conference, to the presenters, and to you the students who made this all possible!

Thanks also must be extended to Dr. Patricia O'Reilly for her valuable insight as the Faculty Advisor for the CSA!

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