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February 5, 2016

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Laurier - Northwest Territories Partnership

Post Doctoral Fellowship in Permafrost Hydrology

Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary

Apr 11/12

We are seeking a post-doctoral fellow (PDF) who can take a lead role in numerical modelling ofthe interaction of discontinuous permafrost with groundwater and surface water in northernCanada. This is part of a large, interdisciplinary research project on the eco-hydrologicalresponse of permafrost peatlands to climatic forcing and anthropogenic disturbances in the TaigaPlain in the Northwest Territories.

The PDF will use two- or three-dimensional models ofsubsurface heat and water transfer to understand the interaction of groundwater with permafrost,and apply the results to the parameterization of watershed-scale hydrological models andinvestigate the potential causes of recent increase in stream flow in the Taiga Plain.Duties will include using data from ongoing field studies to parameterize and calibrate models,modify the models and add new algorithms as needed, and publishing papers in refereedjournals. The PDF will also interact with members of the interdisciplinary research team fromthe University of Calgary, Wilfrid Laurier University, and University of Western Ontario, as wellas with researchers and resource managers from the government agencies and private sectors.The position is for 18 months with a possible extension.

The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. degree in Geosciences, Civil Engineering or a relatedfield with a background in numerical modelling of groundwater and/or surface water hydrology.We are seeking a motivated scholar with strong computing and communication skills. Researchexperience in subsurface heat transfer and land-atmosphere exchange, and skills in computerprogramming and geographical information system (GIS) are significant assets.Interested candidates should send (preferably by e-mail) their resume, transcripts, and the namesand email addresses of three referees to:

Dr. Masaki Hayashi

Department of Geoscience

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1N4, Canada

(403) 220-2794



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